The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in Western Europe next to Belgium, Germany and France. It is a small state, but very beautiful and comfortable for living and working. The number of residents in 2020 is about 626 thousand people.

In terms of GDP per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe and the second in the world after Qatar. The state has three official languages – French, German and Luxembourg. Next, find out what the salary in Luxembourg in 2020.

Salary in Luxembourg

Minimum salary in Luxembourg

According to official data from the local government, from January 1, 2020 the minimum wage in Luxembourg is 2,141.99 euros per month for unskilled workers and 2,570.39 euros for skilled workers. Along with Australia, this is the highest rate in the world. Compared to last year, the minimum wage in Luxembourg has increased by 70.89 euros. (2,071.10 euros in 2019).

In the last 10 years, the minimum wage in Luxembourg has increased by 417.19 euros. From 1,724.8 euros in 2010 to 2,141.99 euros in the current year 2020. In annual terms, Luxembourgers receive a minimum of 25 703.9 euros. For workers aged 17-18 years the rate is 20% lower than the standard, that is 1 713.60 euros per month. And for workers aged 15-17 years by 25% or 1,606.50 euros.


Qualified workers 14.86
Unqualified workers 12.38
Employees aged 17-18 years 9.90
Workers aged 15-17 years 9.30

Average salary in Luxembourg

Luxembourg legislation guarantees equal pay conditions for men and women, temporary and permanent workers. A standard working week lasts 40 hours and the working day must not exceed 10 hours. Many employers pay the so-called thirteenth wage at the end of the year.

According to the Luxembourg National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research (STATEC), the average salary in Luxembourg in 2020 is about 59.9 thousand euros per year or 5 thousand euros per month. After paying taxes, the employee has about 3.3 thousand euros at his disposal. This is higher than in such developed countries of the European Union as Belgium, France and Germany.

The most highly paid professions in Luxembourg are related to financial and insurance activities, information technology and electricity production, science and teaching. The lowest salaries are in accommodation and catering. The income tax rate in Luxembourg ranges from 0 to 42%, unemployment is no higher than 5-6% and inflation averages 2%.

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