For several decades, Israel is one of the most popular immigration destinations for citizens of the post-Soviet space and many other countries. The unstable political and economic situation in some countries currently forces thousands of migrant workers to look for work in Tel Aviv and other major Israeli cities, and for this, first of all, one must have a profession in demand in Israel.

Israel's employment and permanent residence attract foreigners because of the country's developed market economy and high wages, quality medical care and higher education, respect for the law and the principles of a democratic society. What can not be said about many other states not only in the Middle East region, but also in Europe. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Israel in 2024.


The labor market in Israel

During the year, unemployment in Israel does not exceed 2–3%. With a population of 9 million people, the number of officially employed people over 4.3 million, and the unemployed only 125 thousand. Israel is rightly considered one of the most innovative countries in the world. Especially in the field of information technology and medicine. It is in these areas you can find popular professions in Israel. The country's economic success is largely due to the quality of education in Israeli universities, whose diplomas make it much easier to find a job in the local labor market.

For legal employment in Israel, foreigners must first find an employer and sign an employment contract, obtain a work permit, and open a B1 work visa. Usually an Israeli company handles the paperwork. For illegal employment of foreign workers can be deported from the country for up to 10 years, and the employer and faces imprisonment or a large fine. The process of considering an application for a work visa to Israel may take from 2 to 4 months.

According to official data from the Israel National Insurance Institute, the minimum wage in Israel is 5,880.02 shekels per month ($1,595). According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average salary in Israel before taxes is 13,297 shekels per month ($3,610). After all the deductions, the employee has approximately $2,200 left. Men receive about 30-40% more than women. The highest salaries of programmers, doctors and engineers. The rate of income tax in Israel varies from 10 to 50%.

The most demanded professions in Israel

According to the Israel government portal, labor immigrants can expect to work in Israel in the following directions:

  • agricultural sector

  • building sector

  • industry sector

  • hotel work

  • ethnic cuisine

  • caring for the sick and the elderly

In general, the most popular professions in Israel in 2024 – are builders, engineers, IT specialists, doctors, agricultural workers, nannies, nurses and maids.


1 Accountant
2 Doctor (different directions)
3 Maid
4 Engineer (different directions)
5 Teacher/scientist
6 Programmer (different directions)
7 Agricultural worker
8 Social worker (nanny, nurse)
9 Builder (different directions)
10 Financial analyst

Note. Information is based on data from Israel and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we note that today, even in the presence of a popular profession in Israel can count on legal employment units. Therefore, a large number of migrant workers live and work in the country partly or completely illegally, which is extremely undesirable. By the way, to get a residence permit in Israel, and even more so citizenship without European roots is also very difficult, and in some cases, not at all real.


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I am a certified nurse aide from Zimbabwe looking for a Social Worker job in Israel
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I'm a holder of Bsc Honours degree in Animal Health and Production Extension , looking for employment in Israel
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