The stability and diversity of the German economy creates very favorable conditions for the development of the local labor market. Unlike many other member states of the European Union, the number of the unemployed has almost halved in the last decade and today not only migrants or refugees from the poorest countries of the world, but also qualified specialists from quite prosperous regions of Western Europe and North America seek to find work in Germany.

Competent government reforms, the effective operation of the Federal Employment Agency, large-scale decentralization, as well as successful cooperation between trade unions and employers allow Germany to fully provide jobs for both local citizens and foreigners. Of course, not every foreign job seeker can expect to find a job. One of the main conditions is the demand for a profession in Germany.


In 2024, average wages in Germany are among the highest in Europe. The country has an excellent infrastructure, high-quality medicine, education and social security system. In general, optimal conditions for living and building a successful career are created. In order to obtain a work visa to Germany, foreigners from third countries must meet a number of preliminary requirements, including finding an employer and signing an employment contract.

There is currently a shortage of specialists in several sectors of Germany's economy. This is especially true for industry, information technology, medicine, finance, and science and education. To successfully find a job, you need to have a university degree and have a good command of German or English. Equally important is the level of qualification and work experience. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Germany in 2024.

Note. The information is based on official data from German statistical offices and recruitment agencies.


1 Automechanican
2 Autoelectrican
3 Midwife
4 Plumber
5 Certified nurse
6 Mechanical engineer
7 Construction Engineer
8 Electrical engineer
9 Mechanic of air conditioning and refrigeration systems
10 Call-center operator
11 Programmer (different directions)
12 Welder
13 Agricultural worker
14 Social worker (care for elderly people)
15 Specialist in the sphere of hotel-restaurant business and tourism
16 Scientist and university professor
17 Teacher/tutor
18 Nurse and ambulance officer
19 Financier and accountant
20 Energetic

According to estimates of one of the most reputable consulting companies in Europe – Prognos, by 2030 the German labor market will experience a deficit of 3 million skilled workers. Therefore, the most promising and demanded professions in Germany for foreigners both today and in the near future, are associated with technical specialties for work in manufacturing, construction and various industries.


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M looking for jobs in Bartender
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I'm software Developer from Rwanda I've been working as software Developer for 2 years
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Wants to work as a teacher in Germany
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I will want to work as a teacher in GERMANY
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I am a certified nurse, I’ve been practicing for over 4 years.
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