Great Britain has one of the most powerful economies in the world. Even in spite of the impending exit from the European Union, the local labor market remains stable and needs qualified personnel, including specialists from abroad. By the way, many foreigners not only work, but also successfully do business in England and other countries of the Kingdom. For this purpose, the British immigration law provides special visas.


Employment and life in Great Britain attracts applicants from all over the world, including developed European, Asian and North American countries. Therefore, the competition for jobs in this island state is huge. Particularly popular is work in London, where the level of wages is almost twice as high as the national average. Let's find out what professions are in demand in the UK (England) in 2024.

Labour market in the UK

Unemployment in the UK during the year does not exceed 5%. The number of employed citizens is 33 million, and unemployed about 1.6 million. In comparison with the previous year, the proportion of employees decreased by 219 thousand people.

For official employment in the UK, foreigners from third countries must first find an employer, sign an employment contract and obtain a work visa. Thus usually the British and EU citizens shouldn't claim for vacancy.

The procedure for obtaining a visa or residence permit in the UK includes a special system of points, which are charged for certain criteria. For example, English proficiency, qualifications, experience, and age of the applicant are taken into account.

Nationally, the minimum wage in Great Britain is revised annually as of April 1. The rate depends on the age of the worker. For example, people over the age of 21 in 2024 receive a minimum of 11.44 pounds per hour, and under the age of 18 it is 6.40 pounds. In addition, trainees may be paid 6.40 pounds.

According to the National Statistics Office, taking into account bonuses, the average salary in Britain is 588 pounds per week and 2,548 pounds per month. The highest incomes are recorded in London, Bristol and Cambridge, and the lowest in Wigan and Mansfield. Men on average earn 17% more than women.

The most demanded professions in the UK

Attractive sectors of the UK economy, where jobs are available for foreigners are information technology, manufacturing, construction, education, medicine, tourism, services, financial and banking sector.

Third-country nationals (from outside the EU) often look for unskilled work, mostly seasonal. For example, harvesters, movers, nannies, caretakers, cleaners, and so on. Sometimes they need owners of creative professions in art, fashion, design and media.


1 Air dispatcher
2 Librarian
3 Ambulance Driver
4 Engineer (different directions)
5 Model
6 Medical/social workers (different fields)
7 Cook
8 Programmer (different directions)
9 Welder
10 Builder (different directions)
11 Racker
12 Financier
13 Artist, dancer, musician
14 School teacher (mathematics, chemistry, physics)
15 Electrician (overhead power lines at least 275,000 volts)

Note. Information is based on British and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, the most highly paid professions in the UK are brokers, top managers, air transport pilots, lawyers and doctors.


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