For many years, immigration to Israel is very popular among citizens from around the world. Especially if you have Jewish roots, which allow you to get an Israeli passport in a short time and stay in the Promised Land forever. Employment in Israel is not the least of the reasons to move. One of the most popular destinations for foreigners is a major city on the Mediterranean coast – Tel Aviv.

Work in Tel Aviv

This is the most important financial, commercial, industrial and cultural center of the country. Jobs in Tel Aviv for foreigners from third countries in 2024 is available in many sectors, including construction, information technology, tourism, agriculture and some unskilled labor.

The high level of economic development contributes to the inflow of investment and the success of foreigners in doing business in Israel. Tel Aviv University is one of the largest universities in Israel, where you can study, including in English. In general, Tel Aviv has a comfortable environment for living and working.

Specifics of labour migration to Tel Aviv

At the time of Israel's formal independence in 1948, Tel Aviv was the only city with a population of over 100 thousand people. Today there are more than 460 thousand residents, and it is the second largest city in the country after the capital, Jerusalem. Up to 92% of the local citizens are Jews. The remainder are Muslims, Christians and members of some other religions. In principle, Tel Aviv is quite a cosmopolitan city, where foreigners from different parts of the world have found their home.

Tel Aviv has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and warm rainy winters. On average, the summer season lasts from May to October, the hottest August. Even in January, daytime temperatures do not drop below 17-18 degrees. It is a very bright and beautiful city, combining modern architecture, fine dining and vibrant nightlife. The cultural component is represented by numerous museums, major theaters and film festivals. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy playing professional soccer and basketball teams.

Specifics of labour migration to Tel Aviv

The transport infrastructure of Tel Aviv at the highest level, the crime rate is practically absent, the quality of medical care and the educational system create additional positive conditions for labor migration. True, real estate prices in Israel, and in Tel Aviv in particular, are very high. This must be considered when planning a move. Unemployment in the city is slightly higher than the national average, around 5-6%. Competition for jobs is very high. Do not forget that Israelis and foreigners with a valid permit to stay in Israel have priority rights to employment in Tel Aviv.

Mandatory requirements for legal work in Tel Aviv – prior conclusion of the employment contract, work permit and work visa B1. Usually the paperwork is handled by an Israeli company, and the applicant provides all possible assistance and contact with the diplomatic agency of Israel in his country. Illegal work in Tel Aviv threatens the foreign worker with deportation from the country for up to 10 years, and the employer and even imprisonment or at least a large fine.

How to find a job in Tel Aviv

Of course, the main difficulty in finding employment in Tel Aviv is to find an employer who wants to spend time and money on permits for foreigners. The procedure may take up to 4 months. Accordingly, the company's interest in an employee from abroad must be very significant. First of all, qualifications, level of education and experience of the applicant are taken into account.

How to find a job in Tel Aviv

Some specialties, such as medicine, require a certificate, which without citizenship or permanent residency in Israel is impossible to obtain. To find good-paying jobs in Tel Aviv without knowing the language is virtually impossible. The official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. English is widespread. In rare cases, mostly in unskilled jobs, it may be enough only Russian.

The annual flow of tourists in Tel Aviv is more than 1 million people. Take the chance to relax on the comfortable beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and set aside some time to search for jobs in Tel Aviv. You may even be able to get an interview and speed up the process of preparing documents. Tel Aviv has one of the strongest urban economies in the entire Middle East region. Prepare a resume and cover letter and send job offers directly to major companies. For example, the city is home to the offices of global giants such as Google and Microsoft.

Search for jobs in Tel Aviv

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Try to reach a direct employer in Tel Aviv without intermediaries. If that option is not available, contact the staffing agency, preferably Israeli. For example, a list of such companies for employment of English-speaking foreign specialists in Israel (Tel Aviv), see here.

Jobs and salaries in Tel Aviv

Jobs and salaries in Tel Aviv

Israel has a modern market economy, focused on the development of innovation and high technology. For example, fields such as medicine and software development attract the most talented and skilled professionals from around the world. Many experts call Tel Aviv a second Silicon Valley. It is a place of concentration of scientific, technological and financial potential of the country.

In Tel Aviv is located the Stock Exchange of Israel, developed the textile, chemical and food industries. In many of these areas foreigners can find challenging and rewarding jobs. Even by the standards of the most developed European states, wages in Israel are more than decent. The minimum monthly wage in the country is equal to 5.6 thousand shekels (about 1,535 dollars). The average salary in Tel Aviv in 2024 exceeds 2.5 thousand dollars per month.

Depending on the field of activity and skills of a foreigner, there are salaries of more than 4-5 thousand dollars. At such amounts are entitled to rely only qualified specialists, with scarce skills and extensive experience. Unfortunately, jobs in Tel Aviv for foreigners in 2024, mostly related to unskilled labor. Construction workers, agricultural workers, loaders, assistant cooks and waiters are often needed. Girls can work as maids, housekeepers, seamstresses, nannies, and caregivers.

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