The advantageous geographical location at the junction of Europe and Asia allows Turkey to increase trade relations with many countries of the world and maintain stable economic growth. Even despite the military and political tensions near the Turkish borders, the state is actively developing its tourism sector and attracts foreigners who not only rest at local resorts, but also study at universities, do business and work in Turkey.

Turkey has a huge cultural heritage, lots of architectural monuments, great history and traditions. Here is a very beautiful nature and comfortable climate for life. The population is more than 85 million people, of which the vast majority (up to 97-99%) are Muslims. However, the laws in Turkey are more relaxed and democratic than in most Middle Eastern countries. Next, let's highlight the best cities for immigration and living in Turkey in 2024.


1. Istanbul
2. Antalya
3. Alanya
4. Izmir
5. Bursa


Important. According to an annual survey by HSBC Expat, Turkey rose from 22nd to 7th place in the ranking of best places to live and work in the world, ahead of countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, the UAE and the United States. The survey included 18,059 immigrants from 163 countries and territories. Switzerland, Singapore and Canada took the top three places.



According to numerous surveys of immigrants and Turkish citizens, the best city to live in Turkey is Istanbul. Europe's largest metropolis with a population of about 15 million people, located on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait. The main cultural, economic and industrial center of the state, and therefore an excellent place for comfortable living and professional activities. Work in Istanbul provides the highest salaries in Turkey, on average about $1,300-1,500 per month.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Istanbul costs an average of $325 per month.



Antalya is one of Turkey's most popular resorts and a favorable place to live in Turkey. A very beautiful settlement located in the south of the country, with many well-kept Mediterranean beaches and a comfortable climate. According to official data from the local government portal, Antalya is the second largest seller of houses for foreigners, after Istanbul. In this case, to live here at least 10% cheaper. The population exceeds 1 million people.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Antalya costs an average of $125 per month.



The top three cities for immigration and life in Turkey is followed by another resort place in the central part of the Mediterranean coast – Alanya. It has a population of about 110 thousand people. A quieter and cosier city compared to the two previous representatives of the ranking, providing thousands of foreigners with a serene comfortable life, enjoying the warm sea and sunshine over 300 days a year.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Alanya costs an average of $215 a month.



Just over 2.9 million people live in Izmir. It is the third most populous city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara, and the second largest metropolis in the Aegean after Greek Athens. It is considered the most liberal city in Turkey. Izmir is a good place to get a Turkish work visa, do business, family immigration and study at one of the prestigious universities in Turkey. For example, at the University of Izmir.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Izmir costs an average of $180 per month.



At the bottom of the top 5 best cities to live in Turkey is Bursa, located in the northwestern part of the country (Anatolia province) near the Sea of Marmara. One of the most affordable places to live with low prices for property rental, food and services. The fourth most populous city in Turkey with a registered population of about 1.9 million people. An excellent choice for fans of ski resorts and hiking.

Renting a one-room studio in downtown Bursa costs an average of $90 per month.

Despite all the attractiveness of living in Turkey, including affordable prices and a favorable climate, a potential immigrant should consider such aspects as the instability of the local currency, oversaturated labor market, terrorist threats, high levels of bureaucracy and corruption. But in general, moving and living in Turkey is a good alternative to many developed European countries.

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