Employment in Istanbul in 2024 means moving and pursuing a professional career in one of the largest cities in the world. This important fact alone is testament to the great variety of job opportunities, but also to the tremendous competition in the local labor market.

Impressive size and comfortable geographical location between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara on the shores of the Bosporus Strait made Istanbul the main economic, commercial and industrial center of the country. Most migrant workers planning to find work in Turkey head first to the Turkish capital Ankara and the city of Istanbul.

Work in Istanbul

Modern Turkey is a dynamically developing country with great potential for further growth. An important bridge connecting the countries of Europe and Asia. Even the political tensions at the borders and within the country does not cause significant damage to the Turkish economy. Therefore, the work in Istanbul in 2024 is available to holders of a wide range of professions.

In addition to employment, quite a foreigners from third countries open a business in Turkey, millions of people visit the country for tourism purposes, many students enroll in prestigious Turkish universities. Next, let's look at the features of labor migration to Istanbul, find out what vacancies and salaries are available in 2024, as well as the main options for finding a job.

Specifics of labor migration to Istanbul

The population of Istanbul in 2024 is more than 15 million people. It is the largest city in Turkey and Europe as a whole. Incidentally, Moscow is in second place with a population of around 12.7 million. The main territory of Istanbul is located in the European part and a smaller one in the Asian part. The business and commercial "heart" of the city is concentrated in Europe, where most foreigners are trying to find work. Do not forget that the dominant religion in Turkey is Islam. Traditions and values of a foreign country must be respected.

Istanbul is a very ancient and colorful city with a huge number of historical monuments, palaces, colorful markets, modern places for entertainment and leisure. In numerous nightclubs and other entertainment venues, as well as in large shopping malls and behind the counters of conventional stores, you can often find working foreigners. Direct communication with compatriots is a good way to find a job in Istanbul.

The cost of living in Istanbul is higher than in other Turkish cities, but you can earn a lot more here. The main thing is to find a decent job, which is not easy. Unemployment in Turkey is 8-10% and there are no signs of an increase in employment in 2024. Istanbul is no exception, although it offers plenty of jobs for foreigners. For high-paying jobs will have to compete not only with locals, but also with natives from different parts of the world.

How to find a job in Istanbul

Turkish companies are not in a hurry to spend time going through bureaucratic procedures related to the recruitment of foreign workers, especially low-skilled. Especially since the requirements for wages and other social guarantees on a par with Turkish citizens make this process even more difficult. Therefore, very often foreigners work in Istanbul illegally. It is categorically not recommended to do so.

The local authorities fight harshly against illegal labor migration and deportation from the country is practically guaranteed. Not to mention other security and civil rights risks for those who are in Turkey illegally. To be officially employed in Istanbul, a foreigner must first complete the following steps:

  • Find an employer and sign an employment contract.

  • Apply for a work permit and open a work visa.

  • Come to Istanbul and obtain a residence permit in Turkey.

All actions are coordinated with the Turkish employer and the staff of the Turkish diplomatic office in the foreigner's country. Usually a work permit in Istanbul is issued for one year with a right of renewal and is strictly tied to the vacancy. Residence permit is issued within 30 days from the moment of moving.

More detailed information on the procedure for obtaining residence permits in Istanbul can be obtained from the official website of the General Directorate of Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Interior of Turkey –

How to find a job in Istanbul

According to many foreign applicants, getting a work visa to Turkey is getting harder every year. Assess your chances for employment based on your qualifications, education and experience, especially if the job requires a high salary.

Work in Istanbul without knowledge of the language in 95% of cases implies unskilled labor, often illegal. Knowing English, or even better Turkish, is a great advantage. Visa-free regime with Turkey for tourist trips allows to come to Istanbul in a short time. Within 2-3 months, you can not only relax, but also find an employer or an interview.

In Istanbul, there are many international and multinational companies, as well as large Turkish firms and organizations that use the hired foreign labor. Do not be lazy to compose a quality resume and cover letter. Summarize your benefits, experience, unique abilities and skills. Send your job offer letters directly through the job offer sections of the employers' official websites.

Job search in Istanbul

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You may contact a Recruitment Agency if you cannot find a job in Istanbul on your own. Domestic intermediary companies should be treated with extreme caution. Official Turkish agencies, as well as just open vacancies, can be found through the website of the Turkish State Employment Service –

Jobs and salaries in Istanbul

Jobs and salaries in Istanbul

Istanbul is a very contrasting city in terms of employment. Foreign applicants with absolutely different qualifications have a chance to find a job. Of course, for a decent wage (over 1,500-2,000 euros per month) can only count on experienced foreign specialists.

For example, engineers, programmers, teachers, doctors, employees of international companies, translators. By analogy with many other cities in Turkey vacancies in Istanbul in 2024 for foreigners from third countries are offered in the tourism industry, trade, food and clothing industry.

The abundance of modern shopping centers and stores allows foreigners to work in Istanbul as salespeople and consultants. Sometimes even with minimal skills in Turkish and English. The tourism and entertainment industry requires tour guides, animators, masseuses, dancers, hostesses. Salary ranges from 800 to 1,200 euros.

The official monthly minimum wage in Turkey since January 1, including Istanbul, is 17,002 Turkish lira (about 515 euros). After deducting taxes, an employee has around 200 euros at his or her disposal. According to local laws, foreigners have the same labor rights as Turkish citizens. The average salary in Istanbul in 2024 is 1,200-1,500 euros per month. This is the highest figure in the country.

In the field of unskilled labor current vacancies in Istanbul for men are movers, cleaners, handymen, drivers, and assistant cooks. Girls can work in Istanbul as maids, governesses, housekeepers, cleaners, au pairs, nannies, caretakers of the sick and elderly.

This is generally one of the lowest-paying employment options. On average, you can earn up to 500-700 euros per month. On the other hand, quite often workers are provided with free housing and meals. Once again we remind you – work in Istanbul only officially and carefully read the employment contract.


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