Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for employment for applicants from abroad. Mostly we are talking about temporary employment in the field of tourism and services, such as work in Turkey as animator, guide, salesman, waiter, bartender, maid, dancer and so on. The list of available jobs is quite extensive. Also, quite a few foreigners open a business in Turkey, or find a job for a longer period.

The Turkish state has a long history, distinctive cultural values and many Muslim traditions. Washed by three seas and a comfortable climate prevails in most parts of the territory. All this annually attracts a huge number of tourists. Therefore, a job in Turkey in 2024 for, in addition to the income itself, attracts the opportunity to have a good rest in your spare time, and maybe even stay in this country forever. In other words, to get Turkish citizenship.

Work in Turkey

In recent years, the economy of Turkey is actively growing, and in different directions, both in industry and in more conventional agriculture, which employs about 25% of the working population. It is noteworthy that geographically most of the territory of Turkey belongs to the Asian region, and only a small proportion is located in southeastern Europe. Despite this, the country has been a candidate for accession to the European Union for many years.

The unemployment rate in Turkey fluctuates between 8-10%. Other negative factors affecting Turkey's economy include political tensions at the international level, in particular, military conflicts near Turkish borders. Nevertheless, the country is quite stable and finding a job in Turkey in 2024 is quite realistic. Next, let's talk about it in more detail.

Employment in Turkey. How to leave?

The distinctive feature of searching for a job in Turkey is the possibility of doing it in the country itself, avoiding the not always easy process of obtaining a visa. Citizens of most countries of the world do not need a visa to stay on Turkish territory for tourist purposes for up to two months, and a total of not more than 90 days within 6 months.

Unfortunately, a large number of migrant workers use this right not for the purpose of finding a job more effectively. Often foreigners work in Turkey illegally, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of being deceived or deported from the country by the local authorities (police raids are quite frequent). Moreover, Turkish employers are not eager to spend time on obtaining permits for a foreign specialist.

On the other hand, legal employment guarantees a worker a certain social and legal security, and in the case of long-term labor migration it is an obligatory condition without any options. Thus, after finding a vacancy in Turkey, we will learn about the methods later, the process of obtaining a work permit and, accordingly, a work visa follows. Only these documents allow you to work in Turkey officially.

The main requirements for a Turkish company to employ a foreigner is to ensure that the employee has the same level of wages as Turkish citizens and the total allowable number of such workers in comparison with local specialists. It is possible to obtain a work permit through the Turkish Consulate in your country or directly in Turkey by submitting an application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (hereinafter – MLSP). In the second case, a valid residence permit for at least 6 months is required.

Depending on the job vacancy and economic sector employees of the Turkish Consulate can adjust the list of documents for issuing a work visa, but in general it is required:

  1. Foreign passport.

  2. Color photo.

  3. A copy of the employment contract.

  4. Official letter of invitation from Turkish employer.

  5. Notarized copies of documents in Turkish confirming qualifications – diplomas, certificates and so on.

Employment in Turkey

After submitting the application and the above documents to the Turkish Consulate, within 10 days the employer should apply to the MLSP of Turkey for employment of a foreign specialist. The term of consideration of documents usually does not exceed 30 days. If the work permit and visa are obtained, the applicant is obliged to come to Turkish territory no later than 6 months and start working.

Within a month after arrival in Turkey, one must visit the local police station and obtain a residence permit. Certain professions such as doctors, teachers, engineers and architects require additional qualifications and approval from the local authorities in order to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

As a rule, a work permit is initially issued for 1 year, with the right to extend up to 3 years, if the employer and the workplace have not changed. After that, it is possible to extend the document for another 3 years, in which case it is allowed to change the company, but not the profession. Continuous employment in Turkey for 6 years or permanent residence for at least 8 years will allow you to work without any restrictions.

For more information, visit the government investment portal of Turkey – and the official website of MLSP –

Jobs in Turkey without intermediaries. Job Search.

Visa-free entry allows many foreigners to look for available jobs in Turkey in 2024 directly on Turkish territory. And this is undoubtedly a big plus. Even when searching for a job remotely, it is possible to get on a plane relatively quickly and fly to Turkey for an interview and contract.

Today a huge number of intermediary firms, sometimes very dubious, offer all kinds of jobs in Turkey for various professionals. There is not much to advise. Again, choose only official employment with a work permit and visa, as well as double-check the reputation of the agency, it is better if it is a patronage of friends or acquaintances.

To find a job in Turkey on your own, provided you are in your own country, you will need the Internet and patience. First, visit the official website of the Turkish Employment Service – There you can read general information about the local labor market.

Popular Turkish job search websites

Turkish Daily Newspapers



The professional social network is Linkedin. Quite an effective way of employment in today's world. There is a chance to reach the employer directly.

As an option, you can use the services of Turkish recruitment agencies. In this case, be sure to pay attention to the availability of a license.

Jobs and wages in Turkey

The average salary in Turkey in 2024, depending on the region, ranging from 1,000 euros per month. In cities such as Istanbul or Ankara income is significantly higher than the national average. Qualified specialists, especially doctors, teachers at Turkish universities, programmers and engineers earn more than 2,000 euros. Unskilled labor, as in the whole world, is paid very low. The official minimum wage in Turkey since January 1, 2024 is 20,002.50 liras (about 580 euros per month).

Jobs and wages in Turkey

Despite the rather high level of unemployment and competition with locals, yet there are more than 80 million people living in Turkey, foreigners can find work in almost any profession, both skilled and unskilled. Of course, for a successful job search, additional skills, especially language skills, play a crucial role.

Jobs in Turkey in 2024 without knowledge of the language, meaning Turkish, is significantly limited. However, find a job in the tourism industry, where communication with people is reduced to a minimum is quite real. For example, for girls to work in Turkish hotels as cleaners, waitresses, dancers, animators. Men can try their luck in construction and other working professions.

Also popular jobs in Turkey for foreigners in 2024 – these are nurses, nannies, tour guides, bartenders and massage therapists. In most cases, English is still needed. You can earn here up to 500-600 euros a month, a maximum of 900. There are jobs for certified foreign specialists. Especially in branches and representative offices of international companies, for example, in IT. Knowledge of English has to be at the highest level, but the salary will be appropriate too.

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