According to Canadian experts, annually about 250-300 thousand immigrants arrive in Canada. The lion's share of foreigners seek permanent residence permits and stay in this beautiful rich country forever. Despite the fact that local authorities are interested in providing maximum employment, especially for Canadian citizens, to improve the level of economic development and prosperity of the state as a whole, skilled professionals from abroad are often invited to work in Canada.

Canada has very effective immigration programs designed specifically to attract applicants with skills that are scarce for the local labor market. Anyone can fill out an online application form (Express Entry) on the government's official website and check their chances of finding a job. One of the main conditions is the demand for a profession in Canada. In addition, education, qualifications, experience, and language skills are checked. The age and health of the candidate matter.

Professional immigration programs are designed for long-term employment and permanent resident status. For temporary employment, you may try to obtain a regular work visa to Canada, which is valid for up to 4 years. The main requirement here is a work permit (LIMA), which is issued only if locals do not apply for the job and if the Canadian economy really needs a foreign professional. Of course, you must find an employer in advance and sign an employment contract.


Next, we will highlight the most demanded professions in Canada in 2024, whose owners have a good chance to move and successfully find a job in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and many other major Canadian cities and provinces.

Note. Below are the 50 most popular Canadian occupations that qualify for the Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) program. The full list (500 titles) can be found on the official government portal –


1 Veterinarians
2 Doctors of general practice
3 Dieticians
4 Certified nurses
5 Cardiologists
6 Massage therapists
7 Medical laboratory assistants and pathologist assistants
8 Optics
9 Professional therapists
10 Dentists
11 Specialists of primary health care
12 Pharmacists
13 Physiotherapists
1 Aerospace Engineers
2 Plumbers
3 Mining engineers
4 Civil Engineers
5 Geological engineers
6 Mechanical engineers
7 Petroleum Engineers
8 Engineers in industry and production
9 Chemical engineers
10 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
11 Stonemasons
12 Roofers
13 Tilemakers
14 Carpenters
15 Welders
16 Glass workers
17 Plasters
1 Lawyers and notaries
2 Architects
3 Biologists
4 Geologists and Oceanographers
5 Pre-school teachers
6 Managers in retail and wholesale trade
7 Meteorologists and climatologists
8 Butchers
9 Crane operators
10 Bakers
11 Chefs
12 Programmers (different directions)
13 Professors and university professors
14 Social workers
15 Specialists in forestry
16 Physicists and astronomers
17 Financial auditors and accountants
18 Financial and investment analysts
19 Primary and secondary school teachers
20 Chemists

Research by Canadian human resource companies shows that the most popular professions for immigration to Canada in 2024 are a handyman, sales representative, accountant, design engineer, business analyst, programmer, and hoist operator.

It should be noted that the average salary in Canada is about 5.3 thousand Canadian dollars per month. Depending on the province, the minimum wage varies from $14 to $19 per hour. The unemployment rate does not exceed 6%. The rate of income tax is from 15 to 33%.


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