Japan is a very developed Asian country with a powerful economy, long history and traditions. Despite significant cultural differences and specific business environment, working and living in Japan attracts a large number of labor migrants.

The Land of the Rising Sun boasts a highly skilled and productive workforce. In general, Japanese citizens work very hard and usually this labor is well paid, but local conditions do not suit all foreigners. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Japan in 2024.


Labor market in Japan

Despite a certain economic downturn in recent decades, Japanese businesses are experiencing a shortage of labor, including foreign professionals. According to the local government, there are about 150 job openings for every 100 job seekers in Japan. Employment growth has been strongest in sectors such as manufacturing, transportation and construction.

Unemployment in Japan does not exceed 2–3%. To successfully find a job, a foreigner must have professional experience, scarce skills, good education and qualifications. The ideal is a degree from a university in Japan. Equally important is a knowledge of English, and even better Japanese. To move you will need to find an employer in advance and open a work visa.

According to official data of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the national minimum wage in Japan in 2024 is 1,002 yen per hour (6 euros). Depending on the prefecture, the rate varies from 790-1,113 yen per hour (5-7 euros). The average salary in Japan is about 3,786,552 yen per year or 315,546 yen per month, which is equivalent to 23,040 and 1,920 euros.

The most demanded professions in Japan

The main industries in Japan where jobs are available to foreigners are automotive, information technology, electronics, construction, education, food processing, finance and banking. Many find jobs as teachers or English teachers. Girls can work in modeling and television. Dancers and singers with European appearance are often required.


1 Doctor
2 Artist
3 Engineer
4 Automotive craftsman
5 Sales manager (international trade)
6 Model
7 Attendant
8 Interpreter
9 Computer Programmer
10 Instructor
11 Builder
12 Scientist
13 English teacher
14 Financier/banking officer
15 Banker

Note. Information based on Japanese and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, the average life expectancy at birth in Japan is almost 84 years. It is one of the best in the world. However, the aging of the population is partly creating a labor shortage. Therefore, Japanese authorities are expected to relax their strict immigration policy in the coming years, especially with regard to those with professions that are in demand in Japan.

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