The People's Republic of China has not only great history and culture, but also the most powerful economy in the world, which needs experienced skilled personnel, including specialists from abroad. Today, thousands of foreigners have professional activities and are starting their own business in China. At the same time, the procedure of registering a company on Chinese territory is very complicated and the state strictly controls the business environment.

Economic success has significantly improved the standard of living in China, created an excellent infrastructure, improved health care, education and other spheres. Average wages in the country are close to the indicators of developed European countries, that is why many foreigners are eager to find a job in Beijing, Shanghai and other large Chinese cities. Let's find out what professions are in demand in China in 2024.


Labor market in China

Unemployment in China during the year does not exceed 5–6%. According to official data from local statistics agencies, the most favorable sectors for employment are intermediary services, insurance, internet/e-commerce, real estate, construction and education. Jobs in aerospace, energy, printing and environmental protection are the lowest. In addition, there is a decrease in job vacancies in the financial services market.

For legal employment in China, a foreigner must find an employer in advance who is willing to provide a job for an applicant from abroad and apply for a special work license. After that, a work visa (type Z) is issued at the Chinese diplomatic office in your country. Of course, a foreign specialist must have sufficient education, qualifications, experience, and a profession in demand in China. Studying in a Chinese university is considered a great advantage.

Depending on the region, the official minimum wage in China in 2024 varies from 1,450 to 2,690 yuan per month, which is equivalent to 200–370 U.S. dollars. The highest rate is fixed in Shanghai – 2,690 yuan. The average salary in China is 9,500 yuan per month (1,315 dollars). The city with the highest salary is Beijing, where the average experienced specialists receive 11,521 yuan. Work in Shanghai brings about 10,967 yuan.

The most demanded professions in China

Without knowledge of the Chinese language, the list of jobs for which foreigners can apply in China is significantly reduced. It is optimal to look for a job in the representative offices of international companies operating in the country. Demanding professions in China include specialists in the field of information technology, qualified technicians in production and medical personnel.

There is a shortage of personnel in the fields of finance, management, tourism, telecommunications and pharmaceutics. Interpreters are often required, as well as teachers and teachers of English or Russian in local schools, universities and private educational institutions. Women with attractive looks can work as television presenters, models, and dancers.

The most highly paid professions in China are top managers, software developers, airline pilots, mortgage brokers, communications equipment manufacturers, financial analysts, consultants (science and technology) and real estate sales specialists. As in other countries around the world, in China a lot of earning stars of show business and professional athletes.


1 Biotech
2 Engineer (different directions)
3 Model
4 Musician
5 Operator-mechanic
6 Translator
7 Programmer (different directions)
8 English teacher
9 Financier
10 Dancer

Note. Information is based on data from Chinese and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, the most visited city in the world is Hong Kong, and China as a whole is in fourth place in terms of annual tourist arrivals after France, Spain and the United States. It is a very interesting country for employment and earnings, as well as for visiting for tourism purposes.

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