The Czech Republic is located in the Central part of Europe and has no access to the sea. It borders Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east. It is a beautiful state with ancient history, interesting culture and traditions.

Salary in Czech Republic

The population of the Czech Republic is about 10.7 million people. The overwhelming majority of local residents are ethnic Czechs. About 400 thousand foreigners live here, which is only 4% of the total population. The country is a part of European Union and has a developed industrially oriented economy.

Let's find out what salaries in the Czech Republic in 2021.

Minimum salary in the Czech Republic

According to the Czech government, the official minimum wage in the Czech Republic from January 1, 2021 is 15,200 korunas per month, equivalent to 720 dollars. Compared to the same period last year, the rate has increased by 600 korunas ($28.5) or 4%. Over the last 6 years, the minimum wage of Czech workers has increased by CZK6,000 – from CZK9,200 in 2015 to CZK15,200 in 2021.

Employment in the Czech Republic during a standard 40-hour work week guarantees a minimum wage for employees, the amount of which depends on the level of complexity, responsibility and intensity of work. These parameters form the so-called working groups. A total of 8 working groups are provided for in the Czech Republic.


Working group Korunas/dollars per hour Korunas/dollars per month
1 90,50/3,5 15,200/720
2 99,90/4,7 16,800/800
3 110,30/5,2 18,500/880
4 121,80/5,8 20,500/975
5 134,40/6,4 22,600/1,075
6 148,40/7,1 24,900/1,185
7 163,90/7,8 27,500/1,305
8 181/8,6 30,400/1,445

Note. The highest level of the minimum wage in the Czech Republic (CZK30,400 per month – group 8) is usually set for specialists such as a finance and sales director or a broker on the financial and capital markets. The minimum wage (CZK15,200 per month – group 1) is set for professions that do not require a high level of qualification – kitchen assistant, seamstress, storekeeper, saleswoman, cleaner, courier.

For a working week of less than 40 hours minimum wage rates in the Czech Republic are as follows:

  • Working week of 38.75 hours – CZK93.42 per hour ($4.4)

  • Working week 37.50 hours – CZK96.53 per hour ($4.6)

Average salary in Cyprus the Czech Republic

According to the official data of the Czech Statistical Office, the average salary in the Czech Republic in 2021 is CZK38,525 per month ($1,830). This is CZK2,363 (6.5%) more compared to the same period last year. At the same time, consumer prices increased by 2.6%, that is, in real terms, wages increased by 3.8%.


Sector of economy Korunas per month Dollars per month
Information and communication 63,995 3,040
Financial and insurance activity 56,735 2,695
Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 52,944 2,515
Health care and social work 50,184 2,385
Education 46,073 2,190
Professional, scientific and technical activity 44,983 2,135
Public administration and protection 42,908 2,040
Mining 40,291 1,915
Production 36,569 1,740
Water supply, sewerage and waste management 34,363 1,635
Art 33 677 1,600
Wholesale and retail trade 33,385 1,585
Transportation and storage 33,305 1,585
Construction 32,857 1,560
Fishing, agriculture and forestry 31,454 1,495
Real estate operations 29,069 1,380
Administrative and support services 25 235 1,200
Accommodation and meals 20,361 970
Other services 28,294 1,345

Important. The average median salary in the Czech Republic in 2021 is 32,870 korunas per month ($1,560). Men receive on average 35,129 korunas and women 30,281. About 80% of Czech workers earn between 16,356 and 63,781 korunas per month.


Region Korunas per month Dollars per month
Prague 45,944 2,185
Středočeský kraj 38,820 1,845
Plzeňský kraj 37,839 1,800
Jihomoravský kraj 37,814 1,800
Ústecký kraj 36,585 1,740
Královéhradecký kraj 36,547 1,735
Liberecký kraj 36,081 1,715
Jihočeský kraj 35,942 1,710
Olomoucký kraj 35,734 1,700
Vysočina 35,724 1,700
Pardubický kraj 35,425 1,685
Moravskoslezský kraj 35,178 1,670
Zlínský kraj 34,610 1,645
Karlovarský kraj 34,200 1,625

Note. Information on average salaries in the Czech Republic by sector and region is based on the current official data of the Czech Central Statistical Office.

In conclusion, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is about 4–5% and the income tax rates in 2021 is 15% and 23%. Entrepreneurs whose annual income is more than 48 times the average wage in the country are subject to an additional tax of 7%.

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