Finland is a small but very prosperous country with high social standards, stable economy and beautiful nature. According to many reputable publications, the Finnish capital – Helsinki is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in. This business, political, cultural and scientific center of the state. Every year, thousands of foreigners strive to find a job in Helsinki, or to open their own Finnish company. Doing business in Finland today is very profitable.

Work in Helsinki

By the standards of the European Union, the level of wages in Finland is quite high, especially in the capital. So work in Helsinki in 2024 for foreigners from third countries looks more attractive compared to many other developed cities and capitals of Europe. To some extent, historical ties and a favorable geographical location contribute to this. Helsinki is located in the southern part of the country on the Gulf of Finland, near the borders of Russia.

Labour migration to Helsinki

The population of Helsinki in 2024 is over 656,000. The number of residents in the capital is increasing not only by moving Finnish citizens from other parts of the country, but also due to an influx of foreigners from abroad. The lion's share of migrants find permanent jobs in Helsinki, and some go to prestigious universities in Finland, such as the famous University of Helsinki, and stay in this city after graduation.

Up to 10% of citizens of the metropolitan area are foreigners. It is noteworthy that about 14% of residents of Helsinki do not speak the official languages of the country – Finnish or Swedish. The most common foreign languages are Russian and Estonian. In general, the number of Russian-speaking foreigners in the capital of Finland is quite significant. But to successfully find a job in Helsinki in 2024, you must be fluent in English, and even better to have skills in one of the local languages.

The positives of long-term employment and residence in Helsinki are many. The Finnish education system is recognized as one of the most effective in the world, the level of medicine is impressive, the economy is growing steadily, the transport system runs like clockwork, the infrastructure is excellent, crime and corruption are minimal, the climate is satisfactory, the cultural activities abound. The only negative point – it's high prices for housing, food and services.

Labour migration to Helsinki

Unemployment in Helsinki is between 8-10%. It's much easier for EU citizens to find a job in Finland. Bureaucratic delays are minimal. But in any case, local authorities are making every effort to provide jobs, especially for their own citizens, so foreigners to find a decent job is very difficult. Especially when it comes to applicants from third countries for whom there are additional requirements for official employment in Helsinki.

What is needed for labor migration to Helsinki?

  1. Find an employer in advance and conclude a contract.

  2. Obtain a work invitation and a permit from the Finnish authorities.

  3. Get a work visa.

  4. Get a residence permit in Finland (if the contract is for more than 90 days).

The employment procedure in Finland obviously takes some time and calls for careful preparation of documentation. Not every employer is ready to justify to the local authorities the reasons for hiring an employee from abroad, spend time and take other risks. Therefore, the most affordable option for migrant workers is a temporary job in Helsinki for up to 3 months. For example, as a translator, teacher, trainer, artist, sailor, or harvester.

In this case it is not necessary to apply for a residence permit. Sometimes even a visa issued by another Schengen country allows you to work temporarily in Helsinki. More information on legal migration to Finland can be found on the official website of the Finnish Immigration Service –

How to find a job in Helsinki

The competition in the Finnish labor market among locals, including the capital city, is very high. In addition, work in Helsinki attracts not only immigrants from the former Soviet Union, but also citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada and many other countries. Accordingly, to find a prestigious job in Helsinki in 2024 foreigners need to try hard and sensibly assess their chances. We highlight two important aspects.

How to find a job in Helsinki

Qualifications. An applicant's profession from abroad must be in demand in Helsinki. Moreover, it is required to have considerable experience and unique skills that are scarce and of value to the city's economy. Not all foreign qualifications are listed in Finland, and many professions are regulated. You can check the recognition of qualifications on the website of the Finnish National Education Agency, Health care workers have to obtain a separate permit.

Language. 99% of Finnish employers require from the applicant knowledge of at least English, and often Finnish. Work in Helsinki without knowledge of the language is only unskilled seasonal work.

Helsinki is very developed sphere of innovation and high technology. Every year, hundreds of promising start-ups in the IT-sector are launched. In general, about 75% of all foreign companies operating in Finland are concentrated in the metropolitan area. Visit Helsinki as a tourist, look around, talk to locals and migrant workers.

Write a good resume and cover letter. Write job offers to large employers directly. Examples of well-known companies in Helsinki are UPM and Kesko Corporation. Pay attention to the tourism industry and the social services sector. Be proactive and use every opportunity to make yourself known.

Search for jobs in Helsinki

Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy –

Professional networking site –

Finland's largest employers –

Popular job search service providers in Helsinki

Popular Helsinki newspaper websites

Helsinki Times (English)

Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish)

If you cannot find a job in Helsinki by yourself, you can contact a Finnish or international recruitment agency. The resource can help you find a company. The country's intermediaries should be treated with the utmost caution. Even seasonal work involves direct contact with a direct employer in Finland.

Jobs and wages in Helsinki

Jobs and wages in Helsinki

The pay of Finnish workers may be the envy of specialists not only of the most developed countries in Europe but also in the world. If the average level of salaries in the country is in the range 3,000-3,500 euros per month, then in the Helsinki metropolitan area, these figures are even higher. So, the average salary in Helsinki in 2024 is more than 3,800-4,000 euros per month. Much depends on the profession and qualifications. After paying taxes, it is around 3,000 on hand. There is no minimum wage in Finland.

Experienced professionals, including foreigners, can count on an annual income in Helsinki, in excess of 65,000-70,000 euros a year. Among the most profitable areas include finance, banking, information technology, health care, innovation, and some industries. High-paying jobs in Helsinki in 2024 are available for programmers, engineers, construction workers, doctors. These positions can earn more than 4,000-5,000 euros a month.

In the field of less skilled labor in Helsinki, need handymen on construction sites (electricians, welders), drivers, assistant cooks. Women can work as waitresses, saleswomen, housekeepers, nurses, nannies. Seasonal work in Helsinki and other Finnish cities is especially popular. As a rule, it is hard physical labor in agriculture and farming, related to harvesting – strawberries, mushrooms and other berries, vegetables or fruits. Depending on one's ability to work, one can add 4,000-5,000 euros to one's budget in a season (2-3 months).

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