Norway is a prosperous European country with a high standard of living, huge reserves of natural resources and a stable economy. With its luxurious fjords, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and other attractions, the Kingdom of Norway is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. An excellent place for professional activities and permanent residence.

Life in Norway attracts foreigners not only from the so-called Third World countries, but also from the richest countries in Europe. The most optimal option to move to Norwegian territory is related to employment. Given the high competition with both local residents and Europeans, it is very difficult to do this. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Norway in 2024.


Labor market in Norway

During the year, unemployment in Norway does not exceed 3–4%. One of the best indicators in Western Europe. Local employers create comfortable working conditions and provide employees with high salaries and social security. To be officially employed in Norway, you must find a job vacancy in advance, sign an employment contract, obtain a work permit, open a visa and apply for a Norwegian residence permit.

For skilled foreign workers with permanent employment and seasonal workers for short periods (3-6 months), the requirements and conditions for employment in Norway are different. In addition, in most cases, a third country, does not require European (EU countries) and Norwegian citizens to apply for a job. It is best to look for a job in Oslo and other major cities, such as Bergen and Trondheim.

At the national level, the minimum wage in Norway is regulated by special agreements (collective agreements) between employers, local governments, and trade unions, and specific hourly rates are set for some sectors. In total, a qualified specialist with a bachelor's degree receives at least 448.9 thousand kronor a year (about 38.7 thousand euros). According to the official data of the Norwegian Statistical Office, the average salary in Norway before taxes is 56.4 thousand kroons per month, which is equivalent to 4.9 thousand euros.

The most demanded professions in Norway

Contrary to popular belief, business in Norway is built not only around oil and gas and fishing industries. The country is actively developing information technology, construction, wholesale and retail trade, finance, insurance, medicine, education and other areas. In short, in many sectors of the Norwegian economy there is a shortage of professions and demand for foreign specialists.

Important. The most popular occupations for foreigners in Norway are in oil platforms, fish factories, and agriculture.


1 Doctor
2 Kindergarten teacher
3 Engineer (mechanic/electrician/constructor)
4 Nurse
5 Oilman
6 Teacher at the university
7 Programmer
8 Handyman
9 Agricultural worker, including horticulture and fish industry
10 Nurse/nanny
11 Specialist in tourism
12 Builder
13 Sales representative/seller (retail/wholesale)
14 Financier
15 School Teacher

Note. Information is based on data from Norwegian and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we note that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Here are very high taxes, food and real estate prices. On the other hand, higher education in Norway can be obtained absolutely free of charge, the country has an ideal infrastructure, quality medicine and optimal conditions for a long and happy life.

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