Portugal is located in the westernmost part of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. In the north and east it borders with Spain, and in the south and west it is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a very beautiful European country with interesting history and traditions, comfortable climate, and happy citizens. Life in Portugal, especially in cities such as Lisbon, Porto and Braga, attracts tens of thousands of foreigners.

Today Portugal's population exceeds 10 million people, 4% of whom are immigrants. For example, the Ukrainian diaspora is the second largest after Brazil. Some people get a Portuguese residence permit to study in local universities, others are reunited with their families, and others do business in Portugal. But the most common reason is employment. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Portugal in 2024.


Labor market in Portugal

The Portuguese labour market is far from being the best for foreigners wishing to find a job in Europe. Despite the decline in the general unemployment rate in recent years to 5-6%, among young people this figure exceeds 20%. Many young Portuguese graduates from prestigious Portuguese universities are unable to find decent jobs and have to move to other EU countries.

For legal employment in Portugal, foreign specialists must first find a job, sign an employment contract with the employer, and apply for a work permit. To do this is quite difficult, as the primary right to employment in Portugal have local residents, as well as citizens of the EU and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).

According to official data from the local government, the minimum wage in Portugal in 2024 (before taxes) is 820 euros per month, provided 14 payments during the year and 956.7 euros if payments are made exactly 12 times. The average salary is 1,294.1 euros and after all deductions is 930 euros. The level of income tax in Portugal varies from 14.5 to 48% depending on income.

The most demanded professions in Portugal

The most popular occupations in Portugal in 2024 for foreigners are mainly related to seasonal work in agriculture, fisheries and forestry or the tourism sector. In addition, English teachers, programmers and health workers are in demand.

Women from CIS countries often work in Portugal as nannies, caretakers and cleaners, and men as construction workers. The most promising Portuguese industries that require skilled workers are tourism, telecommunications, real estate, aerospace, biotechnology and information technology.

Important. Professions in Portugal, for which demand is significantly reduced, include mining specialists and workers in the textile, clothing and leather industries, as well as some construction specialties, such as painters.


1 Doctors, nurses
2 Hotel and restaurant staff (waiters, barmen, cooks)
3 Engineers
4 Nannies, nurses
5 Call center operator
6 Teachers, interpreters
7 Programmers
8 Agricultural workers
9 Builders (some areas)
10 Lawyers

Note. Information is based on data from Portuguese and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, in addition to the mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches, the attractiveness of Portugal for employment and residence is that it is one of the safest countries in the world. Here are professional law enforcement agencies and quite low crime rate.

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