Spain is a colorful sunny state with cheerful citizens, comfortable climate and a lot of interesting sights. Today, the Spanish Kingdom is the most visited country in the world after France. The annual flow of tourists exceeds the U.S. and is more than 82 million people, which is twice as much as the total number of local residents (47.5 million).

Work and life in Spain attracts not only foreigners from developing countries, but also citizens of successful Western countries, such as the British and Germans. But despite the rather large economy, the situation on the Spanish labor market is very difficult and involves high competition for jobs. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Spain in 2024.


Labour market in Spain

One of the main national problems in Spain is the high unemployment rate, which reaches 11%, and among young people it is more than 35%. To enter into an employment contract with a foreigner, a Spanish employer must convince the local authorities that there is no required specialist among locals and EU citizens. It is best for job seekers to look for work in Madrid, Barcelona and other major cities.

For legal employment in Spain, in most cases, a foreigner must find a job in advance, sign a contract, obtain a work permit, open a visa, and apply for a residence permit after moving. The procedure may take up to 6-8 months. Given the shortage of vacancies, obtaining a Spanish work visa and work permit from the local authorities is very difficult. It is necessary to have not only the profession in demand, but also relevant experience and language skills.

According to official data from the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the minimum wage in the country is €1,323 per month, or €1,134 if payments are made 14 times a year. And according to the local statistics institute, the average salary in Spain in 2024 is 2,075.43 euros per month before taxes. At the same time, work in Barcelona brings about 2,700 euros per month, while in Madrid it is 3,000. The rate of income tax varies from 19 to 45%.

The most demanded professions in Spain

According to the Spanish authorities, the country has recorded unprecedented employment growth in recent years. Only during 2023, about 540 thousand jobs were created. This indicates that many areas of business in Spain are on the rise. Especially the sphere of services and construction.

According to local recruitment agencies, the most popular professions in Spain in 2024 are construction workers, programmers, pilots, engineers, teachers in Spanish universities and some types of unskilled labor, such as nurses, nannies, maids and harvesters.


1 Business Consultant
2 Doctor (different specialization)
3 Engineer (different specialization)
4 Marketer
5 Operating staff
6 Translator
7 Pilot of an air (commercial) vessel
8 Teacher
9 Programmer (different directions)
10 Handyman
11 Specialist in tourism
12 Sports Coach
13 Builder (different specialization)
14 Farmer worker
15 Chef

Note. The information is based on official Spanish government data and recruitment agency vacancy databases.

In conclusion, we note that the average life expectancy in Spain exceeds 81 years. In 2013, the local parliament adopted a special law that allows foreigners from countries outside the European Union to apply for a Spanish residence permit on an accelerated procedure with the help of investment, including when buying property for the amount of 500 thousand euros.

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