Poznan is an important business, scientific and cultural center of Poland, located in the economically developed region of Wielkopolskie Voivodeship on the Warta River in the western part of the country. Large international events, conferences, fairs and exhibitions are often held here. The city's economy in recent years is growing steadily. In particular, mechanical engineering, light industry, construction, trade, tourism and other areas are developing.

Work in Poznan

Working in Poznan for men and women from abroad is a real way to ensure a relatively high level of income and legal residence in a member state of the European Union. Many foreign entrepreneurs choose this city to do business in Poland, and young people study at the famous Polish university – Adam Mickiewicz University. The specifics of labor migration to Poznan in 2024 will be discussed below.

Labor migration to Poznan

According to official data from the Polish Statistical Office, the population of Poznan in 2024 is 540.1 thousand people. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in the country (5th place). Poznan has high quality education and medical care, good infrastructure and low crime rate, rich cultural and sports life.

In terms of attractiveness of employment in Poland many experts put Poznan in second place after the capital of Warsaw. The city is really prosperous and provides jobs not only for Poles, but also for job seekers from abroad, especially Ukrainians. Poznan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, at 1%.

Legal work in Poznan requires foreigners to pass a number of procedural requirements. The main of which is the prior opening of a Polish work visa. Today this document is in great demand and the Polish authorities even assist in issuing visas as quickly as possible to workers from neighboring countries, who can make a positive contribution to the local economy.

Foreigners with low qualifications and working professions are sent to work in Poznan on a mass scale. For short-term employment – not more than 180 days per year –citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Armenia can perform professional activities without a special work permit. For this purpose it is necessary to have a sought-after specialty and an application from an employer in Poznan about the intention to provide a vacancy to a foreigner.

In most cases for long-term employment in Poznan you need to find a job in a local company in advance, sign an employment contract, obtain a permit from the Voivodeship Administration, open a visa, and after moving to Poznan you need to apply for a residence permit in Poland. In addition, usually local residents and citizens of one of the European Union countries should not apply for the vacancy. For illegal employment in Poznan, the employer and the employee face heavy fines, and the latter is also threatened with deportation.

How to find a job in Poznan

Successful employment in Poznan largely depends on qualifications, experience, language skills and demand for a foreigner's profession. For unskilled jobs, there are often no special requirements for Polish or English skills. For high-paying jobs that require a high level of qualifications, jobs in Poznan without knowledge of the language are practically unavailable.

How to find a job in Poznan

In 2024 the Internet is literally "flooded" with invitations for jobs in Poznan from direct employers or through intermediaries. You are usually required to perform heavy physical labor for a very modest remuneration by the standards of the European Union. Do not rush to accept such offers and try to find a job in Poznan on your own. However, if you are unsure about what you should expect, read the terms of your contract carefully and check with a reputable company.

Decent jobs in Poznan for foreigners from third countries with high salaries can be found in large Polish or international companies operating in the city. Compose a competent resume and cover letter according to the local sample. Succinctly highlight unique skills. Write job offers to employers directly. Here are some major companies in Poznan – Allegro Group, Netguru, Espeo Software, Volkswagen Poznan, Clar System.

Search for jobs in Poznan

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Working in Poznan from direct employers is in many cases a very difficult task. A large number of migrant workers still find vacancies through official recruitment agencies in Poland, the current list of which can be found here.

Jobs and wages in Poznan

Jobs and wages in Poznan

In Poznan there are vacancies for foreigners in 2024 in many sectors regardless of gender. In agriculture, factories and plants even married couples can find jobs. Available jobs in Poznan for women are packers, seamstresses, cleaners, maids and nurses. Popular jobs for men are driver, handyman, construction worker. We need electricians, bricklayers, rebar workers, facade workers, welders, carpenters.

Today, salaries in Poland have reached quite high levels and on average exceed 1,000 euros a month before taxes. The minimum level since January 1 is 995 euros. The average salary in Poznan in 2024 is 8,351.58 PLN per month (1,960 euros). A foreign worker can expect a monthly income of 500 to 1,500 euros. It depends on the profession and experience. For example, an experienced handyman receives around 800-900 euros. Qualified specialists, including engineers and programmers, can expect to earn more than 2,000 euros per month.

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