Krakow is the second largest city in Poland with a population of over 804,200 people in 2024. It is located on both banks of the Vistula River in the southern part of the country near the borders of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. One of the largest economic, financial, cultural and tourist centers of the country. Work in Krakow for foreigners from third countries is a real opportunity to increase their income and stay in the prosperous European city.

Work in Krakow

Krakow's economy is growing rapidly, so additional jobs are created both for Polish citizens and for migrant workers, especially from Ukraine and Belarus. The lion's share of vacancies is offered in the service, financial and industrial sectors. Quite often foreigners work in Krakow's numerous factories and plants. Below we will discuss the peculiarities of employment, finding a job without intermediaries, current vacancies and salaries in Krakow in 2024.

Features of employment in Krakow

Working in Krakow not only allows job seekers to earn good money, but it also allows them to get to know the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful place and have fun in their free time. There are dozens of museums and theaters, hundreds of monuments and historical buildings – from medieval churches to modern buildings. Concerts of classical and jazz music are regularly held. Dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs provide an active nightlife.

Moreover, Krakow is the scientific and intellectual capital of Poland. Dozens of educational institutions are located here, including the largest and most prestigious Polish universities. For example, Krakow University of Economics and Jagiellonian University. Therefore, talented scientists and teachers can try to find jobs in Krakow in the field of education. Infrastructure, health care system and functioning of public transport are at a good level. In general, it is quite comfortable to live and work in Krakow.

Features of employment in Krakow

An official job in Poland for foreigners, regardless of the city, requires going through a number of preliminary procedures:

  • Finding an employer

  • Signing the employment contract

  • Obtaining work permit

  • Obtaining Polish work visa

Only after that the applicant can move to Krakow, obtain a residence permit in Poland and legally perform labor activities. The difficulty lies in the fact that locals and EU citizens have the first priority right to occupy vacancies. If there are no candidates among the above categories, jobs in Krakow become available to Ukrainians, Belarusians and applicants from other countries.

Certain categories of unskilled workers and holders of scarce professions can take a job under a simplified procedure. Also, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Moldovans and Armenians have the right to work temporarily in Krakow (up to 6 months) without prior work permit.

How to Find a Job in Krakow

Over the last 25 years, especially after Poland joined the European Union in 2004, Krakow has seen billions of euros of foreign investment. More than 50 major international companies, including world leaders such as Google, IBM, Motorola and General Electric, now have offices in the city. Foreign entrepreneurs from various countries do business in Poland and create jobs, including for foreigners.

How to Find a Job in Krakow

Spend some time and write a competent resume and cover letter following the Polish model. Send job offers directly to local employers through dedicated sections on websites or by e-mail. The official language in Poland is Polish. Hebrew, Slovak and Ukrainian are widely spoken. Younger generations and people in business speak English fluently. High-paying jobs in Krakow without Polish and English skills are virtually inaccessible.

You need to analyze a lot of information in order to find a job in Cracow without any intermediaries. Use all available sources for your own job search – from thematic forums and groups in social networks to popular Polish job sites with job databases. Visit Krakow as a tourist. Talk to locals and migrant workers with work experience in Poland.

Job search in Krakow

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Krakow job search sites

If you cannot find a job in Krakow without an intermediary, contact a recruitment agency. If possible, a Polish one – Be extremely careful and do not apply for work visas through dubious companies. Read carefully the terms of your employment contract and only work legally.

Jobs and wages in Krakow

Jobs and wages in Krakow

Today the official average wage in Poland exceeds 1,200 euros per month, and after paying taxes the employee receives a little bit more than 1000 euros. The figure is higher in large cities. For example, according to the local statistical bureau, the average wage in Krakow is 9,913.13 PLN, the equivalent of 2,325 euros. The minimum wage in Poland since January 1, 2024 is equal to 4,242 PLN or 995 euros. Unemployment in Krakow is only 1.9%, which is lower than in the country as a whole (3.7%).

Experienced foreign professionals with scarce professions can find jobs in Krakow with high salaries exceeding 2,000 euros per month. This applies mainly to qualified engineers, programmers, managers, financial analysts and bankers. Most often such jobs are offered in large international or Polish companies, which cannot find workers with the right qualifications in the local labor market. The competition here is very significant, so most applicants from third countries work in lower paid positions in Krakow.

Specifically, jobs in Krakow in 2024 are available in construction, manufacturing and tourism business. Men can get a job as rebar workers, facade workers, welders, electricians, masons, installers, glaziers and so on. Salaries start at 1,000-1,500 euros per month. Jobs for women in Krakow are mainly in factories and service industries. Wanted administrators, nannies, maids, cleaners, cashiers, saleswomen, seamstresses, packers. Pay ranges from 500-600 euros and above.

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