Zurich, Switzerland, regularly tops the list of the world's best cities to live in. It is home to one of Europe's largest stock exchanges and many financial and banking institutions. Zurich has an ideal infrastructure and an unparalleled level of security. There are optimal conditions for foreigners to open their own business in Switzerland or to lead a professional activity as a hired worker.

Work in Zurich

Working in Zurich for foreigners in 2024 is a very attractive prospect in terms of building a future career and ensuring a consistently high income. Salaries in Switzerland are among the highest in the world, and Zurich rates just above the national average. Of course, it is very difficult for applicants from abroad to find work in this city. Below, let's look at the specifics of labor migration, ways to find a job, current job openings and salaries in Zurich in 2024.

Labor migration to Zurich

Zurich is located in the northeastern part of Switzerland on the shores of the lake of the same name and extends along the Limmat River. It is the largest city in the country with a population of about 415,000 in 2024. At least a third of the locals are of foreign origin, representing more than 166 countries. The largest ethnic groups are Germans and Italians.

A high-paying job in Zurich is by no means the only incentive for migrant workers to move to this beautiful city. In addition to the rivers and lakes, the Swiss Alps extend right next door. There are many museums, galleries and theaters in Zurich. There are trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Historical sites are concentrated mainly in the old part of town.

Zurich consists of 34 districts, which are grouped into 12 areas and one of the main problems of workers from abroad deals with rental housing. Real estate here is very expensive and in great demand. Over 200 thousand people working in Zurich live outside the city. Moreover, many professionals travel every day to work from neighboring countries, particularly from Germany.

Labor migration to Zurich

Statistics show that every ninth job in Switzerland is in Zurich. The city has about 40% of the headquarters of all banking institutions in the country and the canton of Zurich has one of the strongest regional economies not only in Europe but also in the world. Local employers offer progressive working conditions, including fair wages and favorable social security.

Thanks in large part to Switzerland's effective higher education system, the local workforce is considered one of the most productive and skilled on the planet. In addition, experienced professionals from all over the world seek employment in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and other major Swiss cities. Unfortunately, only a few succeed. Competition for jobs here is enormous.

Jobs in Zurich for foreigners from outside the European Union and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), involves finding an employer, work permit and opening a Swiss work visa. The procedure is quite complicated and can take several months.

After moving to Zurich foreigner receives a residence permit in Switzerland with the right to work. One of the main features of the Swiss labor market is the quota system for foreign labor. Jobs are filled first by Swiss nationals and then by holders of EU and EFTA passports. For workers from other regions of the world in most cases special quarterly quotas are established.

How to find a job in Zurich

To successfully find a job in Zurich, a foreigner must have an unconditional competitive advantage, which is confirmed by a university degree, a high level of qualification and work experience. Equally important is the knowledge of the official language. For Zurich, it is German. Sometimes advanced English is enough. French, Italian and Spanish are less common.

How to find a job in Zurich

Foreign applicants who can make a real contribution to the local economy and can safely integrate into the socio-cultural life of the city are mostly attracted to work in Zurich. Write a well-written resume and cover letter. Write job offers directly to large employers. For example, companies such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Life, Swiss Re and ABB operate in Zurich.

Not to forget the offices of international companies in Zurich, which often need specialists from abroad, from Internet giant Google to automobile manufacturers BMW, Ford, and Volvo. Analyze the job market and search for vacancies in Zurich with the help of the internet. Explore job forums, job sites and social networking groups.

Job search in Zurich

The big employers in Zurich –

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Reputable newspaper in Zurich – Tages Anzeiger

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Popular Zurich job search sites

If you can't find a job in Zurich without intermediaries, try contacting a recruitment agency. A list of Swiss companies can be found here. Unofficial work in Zurich threatens the employer and the job seeker with heavy fines and even imprisonment, so please consider only legal employment options.

Jobs and wages in Zurich

Jobs and wages in Zurich

Zurich has a labor force of over 330,000 people with about 90% working in the service sector. The financial sector generates more than a third of the local GDP and a quarter of the jobs. Innovative companies, both small and large, play an important role in the economy. Current vacancies in Zurich in 2024 are concentrated in banking and insurance, business services, research and development.

Zurich has great success in tourism, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, logistics, IT, automotive and aerospace industries. Many professions in Switzerland are regulated and must be recognized, such as doctors and nurses. In the field of unskilled labor in Zurich, work for foreigners is almost inaccessible.

The minimum hourly rate in the canton of Geneva since September 27, 2020 is set at 23 Swiss francs. In Zurich, there are no such innovations yet, but workers of absolutely different professions earn quite a lot of money. For example, before taxes, an ordinary driver receives about 3,500 thousand euros a month, and an experienced doctor more than 9,000. The average salary in Zurich in 2024 is about 6,000 euros per month.

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