The most beautiful European city and the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is world famous for its amazing canals, manicured parks and liberal laws, which attract millions of tourists every year. A huge number of foreigners dream of finding a job in Amsterdam and staying in this extraordinary place forever. It is the cultural, financial and economic center of the country, which has one of the highest percentages of attracting qualified personnel from abroad among all cities in the European Union.

Jobs in Amsterdam for foreigners in 2024 are available in absolutely different fields – from information technology, to agriculture. In addition to employment, many entrepreneurs, opening a successful business in the Netherlands, and students are trained in the prestigious Dutch universities. For example, especially popular among foreigners is the famous University of Amsterdam. In general, the capital of the Netherlands is a real "window of opportunity" for migrant workers.

Work in Amsterdam

Specifics of labor migration to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a multicultural city with a rich history and traditions. One of the leading tourist destinations in the world. The population of Amsterdam in 2024 is about 1,2 million people. The largest city in the Netherlands. According to some estimates, at least half of the residents of Amsterdam is of foreign origin. Especially many natives of Turkey and Morocco. The total ethnic composition is represented by citizens of about 180 nationalities.

A relatively small area makes the Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. The capital of the state is no exception. To some extent, this creates a problem in finding a comfortable place to live and increases the real estate prices in Amsterdam. The city has many beautiful streets, famous museums and monuments. The bustling nightlife needs no introduction. This fact is known worldwide.

Specifics of labor migration to Amsterdam

For foreigners from third countries, official work in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, requires a number of prerequisites. These include:

  • Finding a job in Amsterdam even before you move.

  • Signing an employment contract.

  • Obtaining a work permit.

  • Opening a work visa.

  • Obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands.

Almost all issues related to a legal move to Amsterdam for professional activities, supervised by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service – IND. The IND's official website provides detailed information about all aspects of living in the Netherlands. Note that in the case of long-term employment (more than 90 days) foreigners are issued a single document GVVA, which allows you to live and work in Amsterdam.

To some extent, a simplified and expedited procedure for employment in Amsterdam is provided for graduates of Dutch universities, holders of the EU Blue Card and highly qualified specialists whose skills are of particular value to the local authorities and the country's economy. In order to receive the Blue Card, you must sign a contract with a salary of at least 5 thousand euros per month. Permanent residence in Amsterdam for more than 5 years will allow you to get the citizenship of the Netherlands.

How to find a job in Amsterdam

Unemployment in the Netherlands in 2024 is holding steady at 3-4%. This is a good indicator for the EU. However, directly in the capital the employment situation is a little more complicated. The abundant flow of migrant workers creates additional competition in the labor market and increases the unemployment rate.

How to find a job in Amsterdam

To successfully find a job in Amsterdam in 2024, it is important to have a lot of experience and a scarce profession. After all, the Dutch and Europeans have priority for jobs. Pay special attention to learning English. Skills in Dutch and other languages (French, German) are only a plus.

The business districts of Amsterdam are the headquarters and branches of many large international and Dutch companies. For example, Philips, ABN Amro, Royal Dutch Shell, Canon, KPMG, Unilever and many others. It is here that the largest number of foreign specialists work.

Try to compose a concise resume and cover letter both in English and Dutch. Indicate your benefits, hobbies and interests. Send job offers to Dutch employers directly through official websites.

Be sure to visit Amsterdam on a tourist visa. In addition to the unforgettable experience of being in this colorful city, it can be a good way to find a job.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend such events and make business connections. Search for Amsterdam jobs in forums, social networking groups, and specialized job sites on the Internet.

Search for jobs in Amsterdam:

Dutch Public Employment Service –

Professional social network –

Large employers in Amsterdam –

Popular job sites in Amsterdam:

Popular newspapers in Amsterdam:


De Telegraaf

De Volkskrant

It is usually difficult to find a job in Amsterdam without an agent. Therefore, throughout the city there are professional staffing agencies (uitzendbureaus), which can help foreigners in finding both temporary and permanent jobs.

However, applicants from third countries without a residence permit and with poor language skills such services are very rare. One of the most well-known international recruitment agencies for finding jobs in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is

Jobs and salaries in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a very strong diversified economy and salaries are comparable to major European cities in developed countries such as Germany and France. Of course, much depends on the profession and experience of the foreigner, as well as the employer himself. Jobs are mainly offered in the following sectors – tourism, agriculture, retail, financial services, transportation, food and oil and gas industries. Decent jobs in Amsterdam in 2023 are available to technical specialists, in particular, are needed engineers and programmers.

Jobs and salaries in Amsterdam

If we consider the official level of monthly salaries in Amsterdam in 2024, according to the Dutch authorities, skilled workers receive on average about 2.8 thousand euros, and unskilled workers around 1.3 thousand euros. Moreover, by law the qualified foreigners, depending on their age, cannot have a monthly salary of less than 3.7 thousand euros (up to 30 years) and 5 thousand euros (after 30 years). The minimum wage in the Netherlands for people aged 21 and over from January 1, 2024 is set at €2,069.96 per month.

Unskilled work in Amsterdam is particularly popular among foreigners. This is due to the fact that the Dutch and Europeans are not eager to perform heavy physical labor, such as harvesting crops (vegetables, fruits) at plantations or packing flowers at numerous factories. Usually, a contract is signed for up to six months with a salary of about 1.5-2 thousand euros per month.

In addition, women can work in Amsterdam as caregivers, nannies, maids, housekeepers, cleaners and so on. Men find jobs as assistant cooks, drivers, loaders, waiters, bartenders, handymen. Regardless of gender in professions not requiring high skills, foreigners get no more than 1.3-1.5 thousand euros per month. For higher salaries (from 2 thousand euros) in Amsterdam can expect the owners of the construction (working) specialties – welders, electricians, bricklayers, rebar workers, turners.

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