Milan is the most influential city in northern Italy, which is considered the most sought after and promising for employment of foreigners. Moving to the "Italian capital" of chic clothes from world famous brands will allow you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of modern design and fashion, enjoy classical opera music, architectural monuments and elegant coffee houses. Along with Rome and Venice, Milan is a true "paradise" for lovers of art and historical cultural sights.

Work in Milan

Today's problems with unemployment and some economic difficulties make the job in Italy is not so popular among immigrants, as it was 10-15 years ago. Nevertheless the big Italian cities still attract many citizens from third countries and offer good chances to earn money. Thanks to the diversified economy jobs in Milan in 2024 are available to specialists of different qualifications in many areas – from industry to tourism services.

Specifics of employment in Milan

The population of Milan in 2024 is about 1.4 million people, which means that the capital of the region of Lombardy is the second largest city in Italy after Rome. According to various estimates, up to 200 thousand foreigners live here. The largest ethnic groups are Chinese and Filipinos. In Milan there are a lot of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America. Russian-speaking citizens meet quite often, by the way, many of them have an Italian passport.

The climate in the city is not as comfortable as in the south. Winters are wet and cold, and summers are mostly hot. Compared to some developed Western European cities, the ratio of salaries and prices in Milan is not very favorable. There are problems with infrastructure and the environment, but in general the city is safe and suitable for a quiet life. Medical care is of the highest level, and diplomas of Milan and Italian universities in general are listed all over the world. All this should be taken into account when planning a professional career in Milan.

Italy is coping with the consequences of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 with great difficulty. Of course, this has a negative impact on the labor market and makes it difficult to find a job in Milan. Only in the past few years, the country's economic growth has gradually started to recover. Nevertheless, compared to the agricultural south, the industrial north of Italy is in a much better position. For example, while the national average unemployment rate is up to 4–5%, in 2024 in Milan this figure does not exceed 2-4%.

In fairness it should be noted that among young people unemployment in Italy reaches 25%. Many young Italian professionals have left Lombardy and are working in Germany, Britain, the United States and other developed countries. To some extent this gives foreigners access to vacancies in Milan. Italy has a large share of the shadow economy and jobs are often not publicly available. Many vacancies are passed on to relatives and friends, as the family business in this country is very developed.

Italy establishes special annual quotas for hiring applicants from third countries. In addition, local laws prohibit hiring foreign workers if local residents or citizens of the European Union apply for the job. Of course, all this also makes it difficult to find a job in Milan. To be officially employed, the following conditions must be met:

Only meeting the above requirements will allow you to work legally in Milan and live in Italy. Seasonal work permit is issued for 6 months and can be extended for another 90 days. Regular long-term employment provides for the validity of the document for 1-2 years. In case of loss of employment the residence permit is not revoked. The foreigner has the right to register as unemployed and try to find a job in Milan while the previous permit is valid.

How to find a job in Milan

Working in Milan without intermediaries requires from a foreigner a certain amount of patience, persistence and even luck. The situation in the Italian labor market leaves much to be desired, and in addition the procedure for employment of citizens from third countries for the local employer is a very troublesome activity. Qualifications, experience and skills must be at the highest level.

How to find a job in Milan

Your education will unlikely be recognized in Italy. Prepare all documents (diplomas, certificates) in advance. Take particular care about fluency in Italian. Unlike most major cities in Western Europe in Milan even knowing English at an advanced level is not a big plus when looking for work.

There are several thousands of international corporations based in Milan that quite often attract employees from abroad. Moreover, large Italian companies offer jobs not only to locals. Pay attention to such automobile giants as Alfa Romeo (production of sports cars) and Pirelli (manufacturing of tires).

If the profession allows, try to reach out to famous fashion houses such as Prada, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. Write a competent resume and cover letter. Write job offer letters to employers through official websites. Look for English-speaking immigrant communities in Italy in social networks. Visit Milan on a tourist visa. It is much easier to find a job there.

Finding a job in Milan

Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy –

Professional social network –

Popular job hunting sites in Milan

Well-known newspapers in Milan

Corriere della Sera (Italian)

The Local (English)

If you can't find a job in Milan on your own, contact official intermediaries.

Jobs and salaries in Milan

Jobs and salaries in Milan

Milan has a wide development not only in fashion and design. Very often the city is called the financial and economic center of the country. There is a large number of banks, financial institutions and Italian stock exchange. Many companies producing food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, furniture and jewelry function here. A special place is occupied by advertising and marketing, information technology and tourism.

In the city there are dozens of research centers, universities and entire science parks. Such institutions are interested in cooperation and attracting experienced foreign specialists. The Italian government develops programs to improve infrastructure and implements special projects. So today builders may well find a job in Milan. The city hosts a large number of various international events and exhibitions, which also require workers. Programmers, engineers, and medical workers have good chances for employment.

The average salary in Milan in 2024 is about 2-2.5 thousand euros per month after taxes. In general, this figure is quite difficult to derive, it all depends on the profession and the company. There is no official minimum wage in Italy. Major vacancies in Milan in 2024, unfortunately, associated with unskilled labor, which is paid quite low. This is the work of nannies, nurses, maids, waitresses, domestic helpers and so on. The monthly salary in these areas does not exceed 500-1,000 euros.

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