France is considered one of the most saturated tourist destinations in the world. Every year tens of millions of foreigners visit this amazingly beautiful country and the lion's share strives to visit directly the capital of the state – Paris. For understanding only the famous Eiffel Tower annually receives up to 7 million people from abroad. By the way, the tourism industry occupies a very significant share of the labor market and offers many job options for foreigners in Paris.

Work in Paris

Developed economy, quiet way of life of the French, high wages and social guarantees cause a lively interest of migrant workers from different corners of the world, who are interested in working in Paris and the possibility of obtaining French citizenship. In addition, many students from abroad seek quality (often free) education in French universities.

Among the higher educational institutions of France stands out the Sorbonne University of Paris. Favorable investment climate contributes to the influx of large foreign entrepreneurs, investing huge sums in French companies. In general, work in Paris for foreigners in 2024 is available in many sectors, and life in France is very exciting and promising.

Specifics of labor migration to Paris

Paris is considered the economic, political and cultural center of the country and home to many international organizations. One of the most diverse and multicultural cities in Europe, which generates about a quarter of France's total GDP. The population of Paris in 2024 is just over 2.2 million people. Over 25% of residents are immigrants. Parisians' incomes are generally higher than in other regions, and the average age of workers is lower. The highest salaries are offered in the western districts of Paris.

Comfortable climate, quality health care system, well-developed infrastructure, a variety of attractions, fine food and an unforgettable atmosphere of Paris make employment and residence in this city a dream of thousands of foreigners. However, property and food prices in the capital are very high. A large number of workers prefer to rent housing in the suburbs of Paris. According to some estimates, more than 10.5 million people live in the Paris region. An efficient public transport system makes it fairly easy and quick to get to work in different parts of the city.

Specifics of labor migration to Paris

Unemployment in Paris in 2024 is less than 5%. This is significantly lower than in the country as a whole (7–8%). The migration crisis of recent years and some labor reforms introduced by the government have a significant impact on employment. For applicants from third countries, the search for work in Paris is complicated by huge competition with locals and Europeans, who do not require additional permits for employment in France. This is especially true when it comes to high-paying jobs.

To carry out legal professional activities in Paris, foreigners must first find an employer and conclude a contract. After that a work permit is issued and a work visa is opened at the French diplomatic office. Read more about the requirements and procedure for labor migration to Paris on the official portals of government agencies. In particular, on the website of the French Directorate of Immigration and Integration OFII.

Please note that employment in Paris in 2024 may be temporary or long-term. In the case of employment for more than 90 days, you must obtain a residence permit in France. Seasonal work (tourism, agriculture) allows for a maximum of 6 months per year. Higher chances of getting a job in Paris are for qualified technicians, scientists and holders of EU Blue Card.

How to find a job in Paris

Finding a job in Paris in 2024 may take quite a long time. It is desirable to use all available ways of official employment and prepare in advance for the bureaucratic procedure of permits. Keep in mind that in most cases the workplace is given to French and EU citizens. This norm is established at the legislative level. The experience, skills and qualifications of the applicant from abroad must be at the highest level.

How to find a job in Paris

Many professions in France are regulated and in principle inaccessible to foreigners. You can check the recognition of foreign diplomas and certificates here. Pay special attention to the study of languages. Even advanced English is not enough for most local employers. Start learning French as early as possible. Jobs in Paris without knowledge of the language are very limited and involve mostly hard physical work, often illegal.

Visit Paris as a tourist. Take the time to look for a job, check out job fairs and try to make business connections. Even if unsuccessful, a lot of positive experiences and a great holiday will be guaranteed. Write a concise resume and cover letter. Write to major Parisian employers with direct job offers. In addition, Paris is the largest urban economy in Europe, with plenty of international companies operating there.

Search for jobs in Paris

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If you can't find a job in Paris without intermediaries, contact a trusted recruitment agency – French or international. For example, In addition, to find an official intermediary company in France, you can use the resource

Jobs and wages in Paris

Jobs and wages in Paris

France is the leader in the European Union in terms of salaries. For example, figures are comparable with Germany and the Netherlands. In the capital you can count on higher salaries. Decent-paying jobs in Paris for foreigners in 2024 are presented in manufacturing, information technology, finance and tourism industry.

The minimum monthly wage for French workers is set at 1,766.92 euros. The average salary in Paris in 2024 is about 2,500 euros per month after taxes. Experienced engineers, programmers, doctors, financiers and other skilled professionals earn the most.

Jobs in Paris for women are mostly offered in unskilled jobs. Waitresses, housekeepers, maids, nannies, nurses, domestic helpers (cleaning, laundry, cooking) are often required. Immigrants sometimes employ French and English language teachers in their families. Au pair program is very popular in France.

Men with trades can find vacancies in Paris for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, and laborers on construction sites. Less common are drivers, bartenders and cooks. Wages in areas that do not require particularly high qualifications depend entirely on the employer and the job. Usually the amount varies between 1,500 and 1,800 euros per month.

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