Turkey is a very beautiful country with great history and culture, a large economy and great prospects for development. Favorable geographical location at the junction of Europe and Asia, comfortable climate and competent actions of politicians, allow attracting to Turkey not only numerous tourists, but also labor migrants with popular professions for the local labor market.

Despite some political and financial instability in recent years, Turkish business continues to build effective trade relations with most countries, including EU member states. Accordingly, the local economy needs qualified labor force, including from abroad. Let's find out what professions are in demand in Turkey in 2024.


Labor market in Turkey

The population of Turkey today exceeds 86 million people. The employment rate is just under 50% and unemployment is about 8-10%. More than 3.2 million Turkish citizens have no official job and about 32 million are employed. More than 55% of workers are employed in the service sector, 27% in industry (including 7.3% in construction) and 17.7% in agriculture.

Legal employment in Turkey requires a number of preconditions from a foreign job seeker. In particular, it is necessary to find a vacancy and sign an employment contract in advance, apply for a work permit and obtain a Turkish work visa. For illegal employment there is a deportation and fines of 6,423 liras for the employee and 12,854 liras for the employer.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the official minimum wage in Turkey in 2024 is 20,002.50 Turkish liras per month, equivalent to 620 dollars before taxes. The average monthly income of Turkish workers is about 1,200 dollars (850 dollars after tax).

The most demanded professions in Turkey

First of all, we emphasize the fact that Turkish legislation provides for a number of professions that foreigners can not occupy. These include lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors, guards, customs brokers, nurses/midwives, pharmacists/opticians, dentists/veterinarians, heads of private clinics and travel agencies.

For foreigners seasonal employment in Turkey in tourism at numerous resorts is the most popular. They are mainly cleaning women, waitresses, maids, dancers, animators, guides, bartenders, and masseurs. Often it is required girls of European appearance in the position of hostesses in hotels and sales assistants in retail stores.

Important. The most highly paid professions in Turkey are in the fields of information technology, finance and insurance.


1 Accountants
2 Doctors in specialized fields
3 Engineers (different directions)
4 Managers (sales representatives)
5 Translators
6 English teachers
7 Programmers
8 Sellers (wholesale and retail)
9 Builders (different directions)
10 Employees in tourism (see list above)

Note. Information is based on Turkish and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we note that life in Turkey today attracts thousands of foreigners. There are quite affordable prices in the state, in large cities, good quality medicine and effective education system. By the way, there are about 50 thousand students from abroad studying in Turkish universities.

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