Freed from British influence about half a century ago, the Republic of Malta became a fully independent country. Today, this island state with a comfortable climate, located in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy, is very popular among tourists from all over the world. Since 2004, Malta is a member of the European Union, and in 2008 joined the euro zone.

The work in Malta in 2024, mainly related to the tourism industry and services, sometimes there are vacancies in the field of information technology and the financial sector. The population of the country is only about 536 thousand people, the unemployment rate is quite low – up to 3%. Next, let's talk about the employment procedure in Malta for foreigners, learn about available vacancies and salaries in 2024, as well as the search for a job without intermediaries.

Work in Malta

How to go to work in Malta

For the legal professional activity in Malta foreigners from third countries must first obtain a work license (permit), which is issued by a local employer. Accordingly, the search for a vacancy and the signing of the employment contract is made in advance. Failure to comply with this requirement threatens the Maltese company with heavy fines, and the applicant deported from the country.

Since 2014, the legislation of Malta provides for the issuance of a single document (electronic card) to foreign workers from third countries, confirming the right to work and reside in the country. The employment license is issued for a maximum period of one year, renewable, and involves working for a specific employer in a single field of activity. In order to move to Malta, it is required to open a work visa at the Maltese Consulate in your country. More detailed information on obtaining a visa will be provided by the staff of the diplomatic office.

The main problem for employment of foreign applicants is passing a special test in the local labor market, which is controlled by the Employment and Training Corporation of Malta (ETC). That is, depending on the scarcity of occupation, availability of demand for a vacancy among locals and Europeans, qualification, experience, skills of foreign worker and some other factors, the decision about expediency of issuing a license for employment is made.

In some cases, such as seasonal work in Malta or au pairs, a work permit is not required. On the other hand, there are lists of professions for which workers from third countries almost impossible to find a job. In particular, these lists include some engineering and medical occupations. For more details on the process of obtaining a residence and work permit in Malta, read the official website of the local Department of Citizenship and Expatriates –

Job search in Malta

List of documents for permission to work and reside in Malta
  1. Completed application form in the prescribed form.

  2. Foreign passport.

  3. Color photograph.

  4. Health insurance.

  5. Short biography, resume and letters of recommendation.

  6. Job description and position.

  7. Copies of diplomas and certificates confirming qualifications.

  8. Cover letter from employer and proof of absence of local and European applicants.

Depending on the situation, additional information may be required.

Searching for a job in Malta without intermediaries

To increase the chances of success in finding jobs for foreigners in Malta in 2024, it is best to visit the country on a tourist visa and try to find an employer directly. You might be able to make the right contacts and make a decision on the spot to further employment. Friends or relatives who are already working in Malta or have a similar experience can be of great help.

Of course, to qualify for a prestigious and well-paid job you need to know English at a good level, you may also need skills of Maltese or Italian. Qualifications, experience and skills are all important prerequisites for employment. A degree from a British or Italian university is also a big plus.

In general, working in Malta without intermediaries means searching for a job online using as many sources of information as possible. Start with the official website of the Employment and Training Corporation of Malta –, in addition to direct vacancies on the resource contains the addresses of all employment centers of the country.

Popular job search sites in Malta

Maltese newspaper

Times of Malta

Malta Independent

Malta Today

Use professional social networking sites such as If contacting a recruitment agency, preferably one operating in Malta.

Jobs and wages in Malta

The average salary in Malta in 2024 is 1,785 euros per month before taxes. Among the states of the European Union this figure is comparable, for example, with Portugal or Greece, and slightly less than in Slovenia. Unfortunately, foreigners find high-paying jobs in this country is quite problematic, primarily due to the shortage of such jobs and competition with the Maltese. The minimum wage in Malta, depending on age is (€ per week):

  • under 17 years old – 203.92

  • 17 years old – 206.76

  • 18 years and over – 213.54

If we take the available jobs in Malta for foreigners in 2024, we can highlight tourism, finance, trade, IT and some manufacturing industries, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, shipbuilding and ship repair. For holders of unskilled professions there are vacancies for waitresses, cleaners, couriers, nannies, housekeepers, and assistant cooks.

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