Israel is a relatively young and successful Middle Eastern country. The independence of the Jewish state was declared on May 14, 1948. Despite the unstable military and political situation in the region, Israel's economy is constantly developing and today is one of the largest in Southwest Asia. High-tech equipment and pharmaceutical products make up the main share of exports, imports are mainly raw materials and military components.

Citizenship of Israel

The country has low unemployment (about 2.5%) and inflation. Ancient cultural monuments and geographical location attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from various countries every year. But many foreigners want not only to relax in this historic land, but also to stay in the country forever, that is, to obtain citizenship of Israel.

This desire is especially popular among natives of post-Soviet countries with Jewish roots. According to the Ministry of Absorption of Israel, over the past few years, the country has received several tens of thousands of new immigrants, more than half of whom are Ukrainians and Russians. Next, consider the options for obtaining citizenship of Israel.

Procedure and ways of obtaining citizenship of Israel

There are two regulations governing citizenship in Israel: the Citizenship Law and the Law of Return.

Welcome Home or Repatriation

The fastest and most effective way to obtain Israeli citizenship is through Jewish roots, which are determined by maternal lineage. Israel is the only country in the world that has enacted a special "Law of Return" through which ethnic Jews can arrive in their historical homeland and obtain citizenship. In addition, the applicant's spouses, children and grandchildren, as well as members of their families, regardless of nationality, have the right to acquire this status.

If a person has not committed serious crimes and does not pose a danger to the Jewish people can begin the procedure of registration of citizenship of Israel. It is possible to do this in one's own country by applying to the Israeli Consulate. For this purpose it is necessary to provide documents confirming the presence of Jewish roots and to pass an interview. The process takes several months.

Upon arrival in Israel, the person will be welcomed, issued a repatriation certificate, provided with financial assistance for the first time and help with the procedure of passport issuance. This is usually handled by a special state organization called Sokhnut. The package of documents submitted to the Interior Ministry of Israel consists of a standard list of documents:

  • original passport

  • photographs

  • education diploma

  • birth and marriage certificate

  • employment record

  • certificate of no criminal record (obligatory)

  • information about relatives in Israel

Citizenship can be obtained as quickly as possible, literally within a week after arrival.

Israeli citizenship by naturalization

If a person has no Jewish roots, trying to get an Israeli passport can be done in a natural way, comparable to other countries. However, in Israel it is not very easy to do this. For example, investment in the economy, purchase of real estate, study in an Israeli university and permanent employment are welcomed, but will not be decisive.

When deciding to grant citizenship, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel will pay more attention to the sincerity of the intentions of a person to become part of Israeli society, the desire to join the culture and development of the country.

The main requirements for the applicant:

  1. Reaching the age of majority (18 years old).

  2. Permanent residence in Israel for the last 3 out of 5 years on legal grounds.

  3. A strong desire to continue living in the country. For example, having a permanent job in Israel and housing, financial investments.

  4. Speaking skills in the local language (Hebrew).

  5. Willingness to renounce previous citizenship.

Israeli citizenship through marriage

Unlike other countries, obtaining Israeli citizenship through marriage is a long and troublesome procedure. Immediately you can tune in for at least five years before receiving a passport.

And have to go through the so-called step-by-step procedure, which consists of step-by-step interviews in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to obtain, and subsequently extend the visa. Each time there will be a rather rigid check on the authenticity of the marriage and sincerity of the relationship.

Israeli citizenship by birth

The easiest way to become a citizen of Israel. It is enough to have parents with Israeli passports, born on the territory of the country, and in the case of five years of residence on its territory, when you reach 18 years of age you can apply for citizenship.

Advantages and disadvantages of Israeli citizenship

The following positive aspects of having an Israeli passport can be emphasized:

  • Living in an economically developed country with a high level of social standards.

  • Quite comfortable climate, sea coasts and ancient culture.

  • Free visit to many countries of the world.

  • Access to the European real estate and finance market. Quality medicine.

To the negative factors of citizenship of Israel can be attributed:

  • High probability of escalation of military conflicts and the implementation of terrorist attacks.

  • Sufficiently hot country, hence the lack of fresh water and other environmental problems.

  • Real estate prices and a shortage of high-paying jobs.

In general, Israeli citizenship offers more advantages than disadvantages. Sustainable economic development and social security make the country an attractive destination for immigrants from all over the world.

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