Romania is located in the south-eastern part of Europe. It borders with Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. It is washed by the waters of the Black Sea in the southeast. Romania has been a member of the European Union since 2007. The population of Romania in 2022 is about 19.1 million people. Unemployment is around 5-6%. The state has low taxes, but also the level of income is significantly lower than in more developed European countries. Let's find out what salaries in Romania in 2022.

Salary in Romania

Minimum salary in Romania

According to the local government (Decree No. 935/2019), the official minimum wage in Romania in 2022 (from January 1) is 2,550 leu per month, which is equivalent to 560 American dollars. Compared to the previous year, the country's minimum wage was increased by 250 leu per month (10.9%). Since the inflation rate at the end of 2010 was 8.2%, the purchasing power of Romanian workers increased.

Over the past 5 years, the minimum wage in Romania has increased by 1,300 leu – from 1,250 leu in 2017 to 2,550 in 2022. Almost 1.2 million local workers, or about 23% of the country's active labor force, earn the minimum wage. After paying taxes, Romanian professionals have about 1,524 leu ($335) at their disposal. In the construction sector, the minimum gross wage in Romania is 3,000 leu (about $655).

Average salary in Romania

According to official information from the National Institute of Statistics, the average wage in Romania in 2022 is 6,031 leu per month, equivalent to $1,320. After paying taxes, a Romanian worker has 3,698 leu (about $810) at his or her disposal. The highest salaries in Romania are registered in the information and communication sector (12,254 leu), and the lowest in the accommodation and food sector (3,398 leu).


Sector of economy Leu per month Dollars per month
Information and communication 12,254 2,680
Financial and insurance activities 9,835 2 ,150
Production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning 8,890 1,945
Public administration and defense 8,730 1,910
Professional, scientific and technical activities 8,005 1,750
Health care and social work 7,172 1,570
Education 6,436 1,410
Transportation and storage 5,672 1,240
Entertainment and cultural activities 5,402 1,180
Wholesale and retail trade 5,282 1,155
Manufacture 5,241 1,145
Real estate operations 5,086 1,115
Water distribution, waste management 4,855 1,060
Administrative and support service activities 4,760 1,040
Agriculture, forestry and fishery 4,747 1,040
Construction 4,504 985
Accommodation and catering 3,398 745
Other service activities 4,207 920

Note. The information regarding average wages in Romania by sector is based on the most recent official data of the Romanian National Institute of Statistics.

In conclusion, we note that the income tax rate in Romania is 10%. Along with Bulgaria, this is the lowest rate among all European Union countries.

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