France is located in western Europe and is washed by the Mediterranean and North Seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel Strait. It borders Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in the north-east, Switzerland in the east, Monaco and Italy in the south-east, Spain and Andorra in the south-west, and has a maritime border with Great Britain in the north.

Salary in France

The population of France is about 64.8 million people. It is one of the most economically developed countries in the European Union with a high standard of living and decent wages. Not only to live and work, but also to visit this country as a tourist, millions of foreigners from different parts of the world dream. Let's find out what salaries in France in 2024.

Minimum salary in France

According to the French government, the official minimum wage in France in 2024 is 1,766.92 euros per month or 21,203 euros per year (12 payments). Compared to last year, the rate has been increased by 57.64 euros per month (3%). Due to the fact that inflation in France was absent at the end of the year, the purchasing power of local workers slightly increased.

Note. The hourly minimum wage rate in France in 2024 is 11.65 euros per hour. The working week in the country lasts 35 hours.

Over the past 6 years, the minimum wage in France has increased by 268.42 euros – from 1,498.5 euros in 2018 to 1,766.92 euros in 2024.

There are some exceptions to the French minimum wage system:

  • young workers under 17 years of age with less than 6 months of experience can receive 80% of the minimum wage;

  • experienced young workers between the ages of 17 and 18 can receive 90% of the minimum wage;

  • «students» can receive 27% to 100% of the minimum wage, depending on age and experience;

  • trainees may earn nothing at all, but should receive what is known as a gratification de stage. If the internship lasts more than two months, the employer must pay the trainees a minimum allowance, which is currently 3.90 euros per hour or 591.49 euros per month (if full-time).

Some economic sectors in France set a higher minimum wage based on collective agreements concluded between workers' unions and employers.

Average salary in France

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research, the average salary in France in 2024 is 3,085 euros per month. After paying taxes, the employee has about 2,400 euros at his disposal. Income depends largely on education, experience, skill level, sector, profession, employer and region.

The most highly paid professions in France are top managers in large companies, financiers, bankers, programmers and lawyers. Overall, French salaries are among the highest in the European Union. Moreover, local workers are well protected by a system of trade unions, which closely monitor the implementation of labor laws by employers.

Over the last 5 years, the average salary in France has increased by only 200 euros, and over a 10-year period by about 500 euros. There is still a wage gap between men and women, but in recent years the gap has been shrinking rapidly. The range of average wages in France ranges from 1,915 to 7,230 euros per month.


Sector of economy Euro per month
Senior Management 7,230
Leasing 4,520
Information Technologies 4,335
Law 3,815
Banking 3,735
Connection 3,665
Pharmaceutical Industry 3,515
Quality Management 3,455
Marketing, advertising, PR 3,365
Economics, Finance, Accounting 3,300
Construction and real estate 3,245
Insurance 3,230
Mining, metallurgy 3,225
State administration, self-governance 3,115
Chemical Industry 3,100
Electric Power Industry 3,080
Mechanical Engineering 3,050
Automotive Industry 3,005
Water Resources Management, Forestry, Environment 2,940
Production 2,745
Journalism, printing and media 2,740
Medicine and social care 2,710
Education, Science and Research 2,705
Safety and protection 2,640
JArt and Culture 2,630
Transport, Logistics 2,605
Woodworking industry 2,520
Agriculture, food industry 2,375
Tourism, gastronomy, hotel business 2,305
Scope of services 2,245
Textile, leather, sewing industry 1,915

In conclusion, we note that the unemployment rate in France is about 7–8%, and the income tax rate in 2024 ranges from 0% (income up to 11,294 euros per year) to 45% (income over 177,106 euros per year).

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