Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark and the most important cultural, political and economic center of the country. The city is located in the eastern part of the largest island in the Baltic Sea – Zealand. According to many reputable publications, the Danish capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but at the same time the quality of life here is very high.

Work in Copenhagen for foreigners in 2024 will not only make good money, but also to move to live in a quiet environmentally friendly city with excellent infrastructure, rich history, cultural diversity and beautiful nature. Not surprisingly, many foreigners in addition to employment, choose this place to do business in Denmark or study in Danish universities.

Work in Copenhagen

Labour migration to Copenhagen

The population of Copenhagen in 2024 is about 794 thousand people. This is almost 15% of the total population of Denmark (5.9 million). About 27% of local residents are of foreign origin. For example, many natives of Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Poland, Germany, Morocco, Sweden and some other countries live in the city. The capital of Denmark has quite a comfortable climate and optimal conditions for professional activities.

Favorable geographical location makes Copenhagen one of the most important business centers in Europe. The city has highly qualified workforce, low unemployment, developed high-tech economy, flexible labor market and a high level of social security. Especially for immigrants, local authorities subsidize internships in Danish companies. In other words, those who want to work will not be left without a job. Nevertheless, it is not easy to come to Copenhagen to work from abroad.

Danish labor market mainly needs highly skilled foreign specialists with scarce professions for Denmark. The capital is no exception. The basis of the economy of Copenhagen is the service sector and trade. Actively developing information technology, innovation, tourism, health, education and science. Salaries in Denmark are one of the highest among all the countries of the European Union. Therefore the competition for jobs is very high.

Jobs in Copenhagen for applicants from third countries become available if the vacancy is not applied for by citizens of Denmark or Europeans. Usually a foreigner must find an employer in advance, sign a contract, get a work permit and obtain a Danish residence permit. Besides, the country has special programs for labor migrants making it much easier to move to the capital for employment purposes.

The most popular programs with the help of which it is possible to go to work in Copenhagen are The Positive List and The Pay Limit. There are specific requirements in each case.

How to find a job in Copenhagen

One of the main conditions for local employers when hiring a foreigner concerns a good knowledge of the Danish language, which is quite difficult to learn. On the other hand, most Copenhageners are fluent in English. Swedish, Norwegian and German are popular.

How to find a job in Copenhagen

Next comes the level of qualification and the demand for the specialty. You can check the compliance of higher education with the Danish requirements here. Compose a competent resume and cover letter. Write job offers to large international and Danish companies operating in the country's capital. For example, A.P. Møller-Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg Group, Lundbeck, FLSmidth.

Searching for jobs in Copenhagen

Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration –

Public Employment Service (for foreigners) –

Well-known newspaper in Copenhagen – Copenhagen Post

Professional social networking site –

Popular job search sites in Copenhagen

If you can't find a job in Copenhagen without an agent, try contacting an official recruitment agency. You can use to find a Danish company.

Jobs and wages in Copenhagen

Jobs and wages in Copenhagen

The most popular jobs in Copenhagen for job seekers from third countries in 2024 are in the field of information and communication technologies, transportation and communication, trade and finance, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, creative and entertainment industry. Experienced engineers, programmers, medical professionals, scientists, mechanics, electricians, and carpenters are often sought after. Software developers are in good demand.

In general, technical specialists have a much better chance of finding a high-paying legal job in Copenhagen. The holders of humanitarian professions and unskilled labor force from abroad are practically not required in the capital. One of the most pleasant moments of employment in Denmark is the level of pay. There is no minimum rate in the country, but rarely anyone gets less than 14.5 euros per hour. The average salary in Copenhagen in 2024 is about 5,800 euros per month before taxes.

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