The Czech Republic is considered one of the most popular destinations for labor migration among citizens from third countries. Most often foreigners are interested in working in Prague, the capital and the largest city of the country. Fascinating beauty and cultural attractions of the place in the center of Europe combines ancient and modern architecture, unique cultural features and traditions. Czech citizens are very hospitable and friendly to immigrants.

Work in Prague

Jobs in Prague in 2024 could be a good chance to move to the European Union for permanent residence, and the opportunity to supplement the family budget for temporary workers. Today, the standard of living in the Czech capital is comparable with the most developed cities of Europe, and the prices of housing, food and other services are very acceptable. Next, learn about the specifics of employment, finding a job, available jobs and salaries in Prague in 2024.

Specifics of labour migration to Prague

Currently, the work in the Czech Republic, particularly in Prague, has a number of advantages and is in great demand among foreign job seekers from different countries. Salaries of workers in the capital exceed the national average, and the labor market offers noticeably more vacancies for foreigners. The significant outflow of Czech graduates, who cannot fully realize their ambitions in their home country, contributes to the creation of additional jobs, which foreigners are happy to take. For example, in the medical and construction industries.

Prague is a business center and the most economically developed city in the country, where the bulk of Czech business is concentrated. Revenues of the capital account for about 25% of GDP of the Czech Republic. Practically equally can find a job here as professionals in the industrial sector, as well as in the service sector. The population of Prague exceeds 1.3 million people in 2024. According to some estimates, up to 30% are foreigners. Of course, the competition on the local labor market is very substantial.

Specifics of labour migration to Prague

Local residents and EU citizens have priority rights to employment in Prague, and only if there are no applicants for a job among these categories of workers for at least 30 days, the vacancy can be filled by applicants from other countries. This is the main difficulty for foreigners who want to find a job in Prague in 2024. Quite often Czech government establishes special quotas for employment of foreign specialists with scarce professions and does not require compliance with the above mentioned condition. Seasonal work in Prague for up to 6 months may also be an exception.

In general to perform legal professional activities in Prague you have to find an employer in advance and conclude an employment contract. After that, a local company issues a work permit to the new employee at the Employment Department, and the foreigner submits documents for a work visa to the Czech diplomatic office in their country. Usually the work permit is issued for a maximum period of 2 years with the right of renewal and it implies obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic. After 5 years you can become a permanent resident and then a citizen.

Quite often applicants from abroad live and work in Prague on the basis of employment card. This is a special document for foreign nationals from non-EU countries, which gives the right to work and stay in the Czech Republic. The main conditions are a monthly wage not lower than the minimum wage in the country and not less than 15 working hours per week. Another option for employment in Prague is the EU Blue Card. In this case, it is mandatory to have higher education and a salary of 1.5 times the average wage in the Czech Republic.

Working in Prague without intermediaries

Finding a job in Prague in 2024 on your own is a very difficult thing to do. When planning long-term employment, it is advisable to see the culture and lifestyle of the Czechs with your own eyes, and for this you need to visit the country as a tourist. It is much easier to get acquainted with the situation on the labor market and assess access to jobs on the spot. You may be able to make business contacts or make the right connections.

How to find a job in Prague

Competition for a decent job in Prague is very high, even though the unemployment rate in the city is acceptable, not exceeding 2-3%. Decisive are work experience, skills and relevance of the foreigner's profession. Diplomas of foreign universities require mandatory confirmation. Holders of many professions will certainly have to take special examinations or undergo additional training. For example, for medical workers. Learn Czech and English in advance.

A significant number of foreigners find jobs in Prague in 2024 in representative offices of international corporations. This applies mainly to highly qualified specialists working in IT, industrial and financial sector. At the same time, many applicants are quite successful in taking jobs directly in Czech companies. Make a well-written CV and offer your services to employers directly.

How to find a job in Prague

Register with the professional social networking site

A database of vacancies for foreigners and the opportunity to post a CV can be found on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Czech Republic –

Popular Prague job sites

Websites of Prague newspapers

Prague Daily Monitor

Prague Morning

If you can't find a job in Prague without an agent, contact a reliable recruitment agency. For example

Jobs and salaries in Prague

Jobs and salaries in Prague

The times of strong industrial growth of the capital of the Czech Republic and accordingly high demand for specialists in engineering professions only are in the past. In 2024, up to 80% of jobs in Prague will be in the service sector. Jobs are mainly in finance, banking, commerce, IT and tourism. Foreigners most often find jobs in the offices of multinational corporations, large international and Czech companies.

Average salaries in the Czech Republic is higher than in most countries of Eastern and Central Europe, and in Prague you can earn very good money. The minimum wage is 18,900 korunas or 765 euros. After paying taxes, the average salary in Prague in 2024 is about 1,000-1,100 euros per month. Qualified foreign specialists can earn from 1,500 euros and more. Seasonal work that does not require special skills will bring about 700-800 euros.

Demanded jobs in Prague in 2024 – are health care workers, specialists in IT, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical and electrical industry. Men often require drivers and experienced workers – welders, fitters, mechanics, turners, carpenters. Women can work in Prague as nurses, nannies, waitresses, seamstresses, maids and so on. Unskilled labor is paid modestly, in the range of 400-500 euros.

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