The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of the most populous European countries, with just over 17.5 million people. It is a very developed country with a large dynamic economy, beautiful architecture and nature, modern democratic institutions and liberal laws. It is no wonder that tens of thousands of immigrants dream to live in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is located in the western part of Europe, washed by the North Sea, and borders with Germany and Belgium. Favorable geographical location, skilled labor and effective laws allow Dutch business to increase trade relations with most countries of the world. Let's find out what professions are in demand in the Netherlands in 2024.

The Netherlands

Labour market in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a very strong labour market with a predominantly educated and highly skilled workforce. Competition for vacancies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and other major cities is significant. And the "struggle" for jobs is even between the Dutch and representatives of many developed countries of the European Union. Unemployment in the Netherlands does not exceed 4%. Local experts estimate that about 250 thousand new jobs are opened in the country annually.

For official employment in the Netherlands, applicants from third countries must fulfill the following conditions – find a job in advance, sign an employment contract, obtain a work permit, open a work visa and apply for a Dutch residence permit. In case of employment for more than 90 days, the foreigner is usually issued a single document GVVA, which allows the law to live and work in Holland.

The income of Dutch workers is one of the highest in Europe. According to official data from the local government, from January 1, 2024 the minimum wage in the Netherlands is 2,069.96 euros per month. According to the Central Planning Bureau, the average salary in the Netherlands is 2,855 euros per month before taxes and 2,152 euros after all mandatory deductions. The income tax rate varies from 36.93 to 49.50%.

The most demanded professions in the Netherlands

Today, the Dutch economy employs about 10.5 million people. Many surveys of Dutch employers indicate a significant personnel shortage. At the same time, the most difficult to recruit specialists in the construction sector, and the least needed workers in the public administration.

Important. The most popular professions in the Netherlands in 2024 are experienced builders and engineers.

Among labor migrants unskilled work is popular in the Netherlands. It is mainly hard physical labor in factories or in agriculture (fields, greenhouses). For example, collecting strawberries, vegetables and fruits or packing flowers.


1 Doctors, medical staff
2 Engineers (especially in mechanical engineering and chemical industry)
3 Logists
4 Programmers (different directions)
5 Agricultural workers
6 Builders (different directions)
7 Creative professions (designers, artists)
8 Teachers
9 Financiers
10 Energetics


Occupation Euro per year
1 Doctor 126,130
2 Pilot 110,675
3 Lawyer 104,560
4 Company Manager 86,110
5 Business analyst 78,040
6 HR Manager 72,090
7 Commercial Director 72,820
8 Captain of sea vessel 66,995
9 Notary 65,730
10 Detective 64,315

Note. The information is based on data from Dutch government agencies and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, we note that according to the information from the Legatum Institute, the Netherlands is among the top 10 countries in the world with the best medicine. And according to the official UN report of March – World Happiness Report, which collected data on 156 countries, closes the top five happiest countries on the planet. In general, Holland is a great place for work and life.


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I am a building envelopes designer and I am looking for good future in Netherlands
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I am a Nigerian with a bachelor degree in Economics. I am presently working with a German construction firm as a secretary/administrative assistant with 15years working experience. I am looking forward to moving to Netherlands with work permit if given the opportunity. I also have a drivers license.
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# Anthony Emeka 2023-03-09 22:43
I am a professional in occupational health and safety with ten experience in construction industry, solar and coal power plant in the united Arab Emirates (Dubai). I also have UAE driving licence. I am looking forward to moving to Netherlands if given the opportunity to work.
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I have 7 years plus experience in optics manufacturing and thin flim coating on HHV Box coater 300.
I'm looking for a opportunity to work and settle abroad.
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