The Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland) is located in north-western Europe, washed by the North Sea and bordered by Germany and Belgium. It is a very beautiful state with a strong economy, comfortable climate, developed democratic institutions and high standard of living. The population of the Netherlands is slightly more than 17.6 million people. Unemployment is about 3–4%. Let's find out what salaries in the Netherlands in 2024.

Salary in the Netherlands

Minimum salary in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch government, the official minimum wage in the Netherlands from January 1, 2024 is 2,069.96 euros per month. Local workers receive a minimum of €13.27 per hour. These rates are valid for persons over the age of 21. Workers between the ages of 15 and 20 receive a minimum wage calculated as a percentage of 30 to 80% of the prime rate.


Age Per month Per hour
21 years old and over €2,069.96 €13.27
20 years old €1,656.59 €10.62
19 years old €1,241.66 €7.96
18 years old €1,035.76 €6.64
17 years old €817.38 €5.24
16 years old €714.43 €4.58
15 years old €620.83 €3.98

Compared to January 1, 2023, the minimum wage in the Netherlands has increased by 135.56 euros. Local legislation does not set a fixed number of hours for a full working week, but it is usually 36, 38 or 40 hours. The Netherlands is ahead of most EU countries, including France (€1,766.92), in terms of minimum wage. Dutch employers can be fined from 12 to 40 thousand euros for violating labor law norms related to understating the minimum wage.

Note. The official Dutch minimum wage is revised by the government twice a year, on 1 January and 1 July.

Average salary in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch Central Planning Bureau, the average wage in the Netherlands in 2024 is €2,855 per month before taxes. After all deductions, a local worker is left with about €2,152.


Age Euro per year (gross)
15-25 years old 10,600
25-45 years old 36,400
45-65 years old 42,400
65 years and over 24,900

In order to be officially employed in the Netherlands as a highly qualified specialist, a local employer must provide a minimum wage of €4,840 per month (€58,080 per year) to an alien over the age of 30 and €3,549 per month (€41,508 per year) to a person under the age of 30. International students who have studied at a Dutch university for the last 3 years must earn at least €2,543 per month (€20,516 per year) in the first year after their studies.


Occupation Euros per year (gross)
Chairman of the board of directors (medium-sized company) 516,300
Footballer (Dutch league) 250,000
Senior airline pilot (long-haul flights) 227,400
Commercial Director 194,900
Hospital director 205,400
Sales Director 165,700
Marketing Director 142,800
IT Director 114,800
Member of the Dutch Parliament 114,500
Treasurer 107,700
IT Manager 102,100
Public Relations Manager 98,100
Lawyer 93,000
University lecturer 70,300
Senior Accountant 62,000
Journalist (national newspaper) 62,000
Computer programmer 59,900
Elementary school principal 53,500
Office manager 45,300
Elementary school teacher 44,650
Graphic designer 41,700
Chef 40,200
Train Driver 38,800
Secretary 34,300
Bus Driver 33,600
Builder 33,500
Plasterer 32,800
Electrician 31,800
Cab driver 31,800
Garbage collector 29,000
Courier 27,400
Administrator 27,000
Janitor 24,800
Hairdresser 24,500
Packer 22,000
Chef 40,200

In conclusion, we note that the income tax rate in the Netherlands on salaries of employees varies from 36.97% (income up to 75,518 euros per year) to 49.50% (income over 75,518 euros per year).

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