Numerous surveys of labor migrants from different countries and research of reputable agencies show that working in London in 2024, despite serious political changes in the state (Brexit), is still very popular and is a dream of tens of thousands of foreigners, including citizens of the former Soviet Union.

It is hard to find a more dynamic and technologically advanced city in Western Europe that offers foreign applicants such a wide range of employment opportunities in a variety of industries with good career prospects. In addition, a large number of entrepreneurs successfully open their own business in the UK and stay here forever.

Working in London for foreigners from third countries in 2024 is a great chance to test their professional skills, increase their wealth and move to an economically developed country with a great history, ancient traditions and a variety of cultural attractions. Some immigrants aim to eventually obtain British citizenship, and many succeed.

Work in London

Of course, the high salaries, social standards, and other benefits of living in the capital of the United Kingdom make the process of labor migration to London quite challenging. Competition for jobs is very high, especially when it comes to citizens from third countries. On top of that, the UK's exit from the EU and the migration crisis of recent years create additional difficulties when looking for a job in London.

Specifics of labour migration to London

The population of London in 2024 is 9.7 million people. According to some forecasts, by 2025, this figure may reach 10 million. It is the largest city in the EU and the third in Europe, after Istanbul and Moscow. By comparison, about 3.5 million people live in Berlin. Every year up to 200 thousand foreigners arrive in the capital of Great Britain. Of course, not all of them seek to find work in London. Some study at prestigious British universities, others obtain a British residence permit because of family reunification and so on.

London is considered to be one of the most multicultural European cities, whose residents communicate in 300 foreign languages and have different ethnic origin, race, religion and cultural values. Even traditional English has acquired a lot of additional expressions and "slang words" in the British capital. London is rightly called the center of international trade, the financial and banking hub of Europe. There are plenty of high-paying job options for skilled professionals, but the cost of living is also quite impressive. Real estate prices are especially high.

Specifics of labour migration to London

Unemployment in London in 2024 is about 5-6%. This is slightly higher than in the country as a whole (4.2%). Despite the impressive number of areas to look for work, from high-tech and finance, to the creative industries, foreigners face a huge competition in the local labor market and a long mechanism of paperwork for legal relocation. The process of labor migration is complicated by the influx of applicants from different parts of the world, including Asian, African, and Eastern European countries. For example, Poles and Bulgarians today do not need a special permit to work in London.

In order to go to work in Londonсforeigners from third countries must first find an employer and conclude the employment contract. In most cases, British and Europeans should not apply for the vacancy. This is checked with a special test in the local labor market. Moreover, foreigners are obliged to obtain a work visa to England. The procedure includes a special system of points, which are accrued for certain parameters – the level of salary, command of the English language, experience, age of the candidate and some other criteria. There are separate conditions for each work visa.

To learn about the official requirements for foreigners and all types of British work visas, visit the British government website –

How to find a job in London

A successful job search in London in 2024 depends on a number of factors that every overseas job seeker needs to consider. Firstly, it is a question of language skills. A job in London without language skills is virtually inaccessible. At least legally.

English should be at an advanced level, which is confirmed by a certificate. Knowledge of additional languages – Spanish, German, French – is only an advantage. Secondly, the experience, unique skills and education of the foreigner are of great importance. You can check the recognition of qualifications in the UK here.

How to find a job in London

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the list of scarce professions, the owners of which have a good chance to find a job in England and London in particular. The more so that to hire a foreigner in these categories of specialties British employers may not advertise the vacancy on the local labor market in advance. Experienced engineers and medical workers are mostly required.

Visit London for tourism purposes. Millions of foreigners come to the city every year and not everyone wants to find a job here. An incredible number of architectural buildings, theaters, beautiful city parks, restaurants and other attractions will allow you to have a great time as well as to make the right business acquaintances. Apply directly to British employers, leave your CV on the official websites of large international companies operating in London.

Job search in London

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Jobs and wages in London

Jobs and wages in London

The vast majority of London's population is employed in the service sector (over 80%). Once popular areas for employment – finance and banking, now oversaturated offers and to find work in these areas is very difficult for foreigners. Applicants from third countries can expect to work in London in information technology, healthcare, engineering, construction, tourism and education. Creative professionals can get a real job in art, fashion, design and media.

Vacancies in London in 2024 are available for experienced technicians, medical professionals, programmers, construction workers, scientists and qualified personnel in general. Take a closer look at the list of scarce British occupations. Average annual earnings for London workers are nearly twice as high as comparable professionals elsewhere in the U.K. That is, the average salary in London in 2024 is about 4 thousand pounds per month (4,685 euros) before taxes.

There is excessive competition in unskilled labor in London. Bulgarians and Romanians fully meet the demand in this segment. It is very problematic to obtain a work visa for this kind of activity. At least, the Tier 3 visa for foreign workers without special qualifications, introduced back in 2008, has not become available. Nevertheless, many girls work in London as nurses, nannies, waitresses, maids. Men find jobs in bars, restaurants, construction sites. Very often on a semi-legal basis. One can earn here up to 1-1.5 thousand euros a month.

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