Athens is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, deservedly called the foundation of Western civilization, the historical and cultural center of Europe. The Greek capital is the economic, financial, industrial, maritime and political core of Greece. Therefore, it is the work in Athens for foreigners in 2024 is considered the most promising place among all other cities in this country.

In addition to employment, many foreigners open their own business in Greece or invest in local real estate. By the way, investments of 250 thousand euros and above allow you to get a Greek residence permit. Students gladly come to study at universities of Greece, including the National Technical University in the capital. Next, let's talk about the specifics of labor migration, job search options, jobs and salaries in Athens in 2024.

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Labor migration to Athens

The population of Athens in 2024 is about 665 thousand people. It is the largest city in Greece. Unlike many other European capitals the ethnic composition of local residents is rather homogeneous. Nevertheless, in addition to citizens of Greece, there are many Albanians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Armenians, Turks and often Russians and Ukrainians. In their free time, migrant workers can enjoy the many sights, visit theatres or taste Greek cuisine.

Unfortunately, the unstable economic situation makes it very difficult to find a job in Greece. Unemployment in the country as a whole reaches 10%, and among young people it even exceeds 30%. In some regions more than half of the able-bodied young Greeks are officially unemployed. The situation on the labor market in the capital is not the brightest either. Surveys of local residents show that unemployment is the number one problem in the state.

Labor migration to Athens

The low level of employment forces the government to take additional measures to protect the local workforce. Following the example of most European countries, official work in Athens for foreigners from third countries becomes available only if there are no applicants for the vacancy among Greeks and residents of the European Union. Thus, it is incredibly difficult to find a legal job in the capital of Greece with high wages.

Legal employment in Athens implies preliminary search for a vacancy in a Greek company, conclusion of a contract, obtaining a work permit from the local Labor Department (which is handled by the employer) and opening a work visa. Many migrant workers perform professional activities in Greece illegally, for example, in the field of tourism and construction. It is categorically not recommended to do so. It is better to try to find a legal job in Athens and not to worry about the consequences.

How to find a job in Athens

Due to the crisis in the country, most Greek companies very rarely hire foreigners. In addition, the locals themselves are very negative about labor migrants, especially from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. To increase chances for employment in Athens you will need skills of Greek language and good command of English. Work experience and a high level of qualifications are a must.

How to find a job in Athens

The central part of the Greek capital is home to many businesses, government agencies, and international organizations. If possible, visit the city as a tourist and try to find a job in Athens on your own. A huge number of jobs are not publicly available, so making personal business contacts is important for a successful job search.

Pay attention to the offices of major international companies operating in Athens, such as Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola and Coca-Cola. Write a competent resume and cover letter following a local model. Approach employers directly with a job offer. Check job databases on specialized websites and in newspapers.

Job search in Athens

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If you can't find a job in Athens without intermediaries, try contacting a local staffing agency. This resource – – will help in your search for a company.

Jobs and salaries in Athens

Athens is the main business and financial center of the country. Some foreign workers even manage to take senior positions in large companies. But such jobs in the city are few. The main area of employment is tourism, which generates the lion's share of the local budget revenues. It is in this area are concentrated main vacancies in Athens for applicants from abroad in 2024.

Jobs and salaries in Athens

Sometimes jobs are offered for young guys and girls, for example, as animators or guides. Excellent command of English can help you find a job in the capital of Greece in the field of teaching or tutoring. Although, the competition with native speakers here is very strong. There are vacancies for temporary employment in unskilled labor – waitresses, maids, nannies, nurses. Men can work in construction.

Jobs in Athens with high salaries are almost inaccessible to foreigners. Only very experienced professionals, say, engineers or programmers from abroad, can count on an income level of 1,000 euros a month or more. Today, salaries in Greece are far from the highest in the European Union. The minimum wage is 910 euros. The average salary in Athens in 2024 is 1,100 euros, but in fact local workers receive no more than 800 euros.

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