France is one of the economic and political locomotives not only of Europe but also of the world. The country has a huge influence and is an active participant in many international organizations, ranging from cooperation in trade to the military sphere.

Work in France for foreigners from third countries in 2024 is not only a decent salary and a way to immigrate to Europe, but also the opportunity to experience the ancient culture and traditions of the Old World. According to statistics, more than 80 million foreigners from different countries visit France every year, and the income of the state from tourism is one of the highest in the world.

Work in France

However, to find a job in France is not easy. The unemployment rate in the country is about 7-8%. On average, 2.5 people apply for each vacancy. The greatest chance to find a job in cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg. Jobs are harder to come by in Montpelier, Lille and Nancy.

In addition, the situation has been complicated by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the migration crisis of recent years, in the form of an influx of refugees from the Middle East. Today, one in ten people in France is an immigrant. It is also necessary to consider that employment in France attracts not only citizens of foreign countries, but also residents of the European Union.

France has a stable economy, an effective tax system and high social standards. The country provides free higher education and transparent conditions for business. How to find a job in France in 2024, as well as the level of French salaries and available vacancies, we will discuss further in the article.

How to go to work in France

In France there are a number of procedures and requirements for foreigners wishing to work and live on French territory. Basically the conditions are quite strict. For some types of professions you will need to confirm your qualifications. You can do this on a special website.

Sometimes the requirements, on the contrary, are simplified. For example, family members of a highly qualified professional with a work permit in France can be employed without any restrictions.

The process of employing foreigners in France depends on the following factors:

  • The situation on the labor market.

  • Qualifications and education of the specialist.

  • The level of wages.

  • Duration of work.

The above categories will be decisive in obtaining a work permit in France, which is a prerequisite for migrant workers from countries outside the European Union. That is, applicants from abroad, first of all, must find a suitable vacancy and sign an employment contract with a French company.

After that, the employer sends information (contract) on the employment of a foreigner for approval to the local Ministry of Labor and the French Office of Immigration and Integration OFII. If the employment contract is approved, the documents are sent to the French Consulate in the employee's country for the issuance of a work visa.

After moving, the foreigner is registered with OFII and, if employed for more than 3 months, receives a residence permit. One of the conditions is to sign the so-called CAI reception and integration contract.

This means taking special courses to learn the French language and the basic values of France. Since January 1, 2007 the procedure is mandatory for all migrants wishing to live permanently in this country.

Employment options and types of work permits in France

Employment in France

Permanent and temporary workers. Common for European countries, and at the same time one of the most difficult for applicants, the procedure. The employer must prove to the local authorities that there is no suitable candidate for the vacancy among the French and Europeans. Accordingly, the foreigner must have high qualifications, experience and unique skills.

EU Blue Card. Work permit in France for highly qualified foreigners with at least 3 years of higher education or professional experience over 5 years.

The prerequisite is an employment contract for at least 1 year and a salary of at least 1.5 times the national average. In 2024 it is not less than 4.5 thousand euros per month before tax.

During the first two years you have to work strictly in the field that is specified in the contract. After that the field of activity can be changed. The card is issued for 1-3 years with the right to extend up to 5 years and subsequently obtain permanent residence in France. Subsequently, it is possible to apply for French citizenship.

Shortage of workers. Some regions of France are experiencing a shortage of specialists in specific professions. This vacuum is partially filled by foreign workers. The list has not changed since 2008 and consists of 30 names. These are mainly technical professions.

Scientists and researchers. Professionals with a scientific degree at least a master's degree can obtain a temporary residence permit in France for up to one year, with the right to extend up to 4 years. For this purpose, it is necessary to conclude an agreement to study or conduct research with one of the French universities or accredited institutes.

Seasonal work in France. This is an option for short-term employment, usually in agriculture, for a period of 3 to 12 months. Temporary residence permit is issued for three years with the right to be extended for a similar period. At the same time to work in France is allowed no more than 6 months in one year.

Au pair. Young people between 17 and 30 years old may sign a contract with a French family. The job is to look after children and help with household chores. The prerequisite is to attend language courses at least 10 hours a week.

These were the most popular ways to get a work permit in France. Also good chances for employment have talented professionals in the field of sport, culture and science, foreign students of French universities, employees of international companies.

How to find a job in France. Finding a job without intermediaries.

To successfully find a job in France, especially on your own, it is important to use a wide arsenal of sources. First of all it is the Internet. Let us outline the most effective resources.

National Employment Agencies of France An employment agency offers more than half a million vacancies in different regions of France. It is possible to find a permanent or temporary job, or as an unskilled or seasonal worker. Employment agency with vacancies for high-skilled professionals and senior executives.

Popular job search sites in France

Specialized resources – for students and graduates. – area of agriculture and viticulture. – the field of hotels and restaurants. – IT sector.

Professional social network – LinkedIn

The next step in finding a job in France is to look at ads in well-known French newspapers. Here are some of them:

Le Monde

Le Point


Alternatively, you can use the help of recruitment agencies or contact the company directly. The resource can help in the search for an institution.

Tips for foreigners to find a job in France

  • Language skills. A job in France without language skills is unlikely to be satisfying for an immigrant. Most of it will be unskilled and low-paid work, for which there are plenty of applicants from other European countries. Knowledge of English can bring results in employment with a foreign company in France. However, according to statistics on the French market of such jobs no more than 4-5%.

  • Competently composed and concise resume (CV). The text should not exceed 1-2 pages, the photo should be high quality, without bright make-up and foreign objects. During the interview you should not talk informally, make inappropriate jokes or pat the employer on the shoulder.

  • Flexibility and patience. It is important to use as much information as possible at the same time. In addition to the basic job search, it is advisable to visit France on a tourist visa and try to make contact with locals and migrant workers. Very often a five-minute conversation in a French café or bar can replace months of fruitless search for a job via the Internet.

Jobs and wages in France

The official minimum wage in France since January 1, 2024 is – 1,766.92 euros per month. The average wage is just over 3,085 euros before tax. About 2,400 euros net. This is one of the highest rates in the European Union.

The level of remuneration of foreign workers, as a rule, is set for a year and fixed in the labor contract. In addition, in France it is customary to make additional payments, the so-called 13th wage, not only on New Year's Eve, but also in summer.

An interesting fact is that unlike many countries, French employers do not pay income tax on behalf of their employees. You have to do it yourself by filing a tax return. Officially the working week in France consists of 35 hours, but in practice work in private companies is extended to the standard 40 hours.

Average salaries in France in 2024 by profession (euro/month):

  • Practicing physicians – 6,000-7,000

  • Engineers and builders – 3300-3500

  • IT – 3000-3300

  • Economists, managers – 2000-2500

  • Waiters, sales clerks, barmen – 1600-1800

Popular vacancies in France for foreigners in 2024 is, above all, seasonal employment and tourism.

Seasonal work in France. The most popular among migrant workers is the type of earnings that does not require special qualifications and profound knowledge of the French language. As a rule it is hard, exhausting work to gather grapes and crops.

According to statistics, each year, more than 100 thousand foreigners visit France to participate in the seasonal work. Many of them enter the country illegally. Grapes are harvested in September-October, other types of fruits from May to November. It is possible to earn up to 2,000 euros per month.

Jobs in France in tourism. In this sector French employers offer quite a lot of jobs for foreigners, both in summer and in winter. These jobs are in bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, campsites, ski resorts and so on.

Vacancies are mainly waiters, cleaners, loaders, maids, assistant cooks, cashiers. Here, of course, knowledge of the language is more important than in seasonal employment. The salary ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 euros a month.

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