Italy is located in the southern part of Europe. It borders France in the northwest, Switzerland and Austria in the north, and Slovenia in the northeast. It has internal borders with the Vatican and San Marino. It is a very beautiful state with ancient history and culture, comfortable climate and delicious cuisine, powerful economy and high life expectancy.

Salary in Italy

Italy has a population of about 60.2 million people. The state has been a part of the European Union since its founding (March 25, 1957), and also uses the euro as the national currency since 1999. The Italian labor market is highly competitive, especially among labor migrants from third countries. Next, let's find out what salary in Italy in 2023.

Minimum salary in Italy

Italy is included in the list of 10 European countries where the minimum wage is not set at the state level. Rates are fixed in collective agreements between employers and trade unions in individual sectors. On average, the minimum wage in Italy in 2023 is about 7 euros per hour. For comparison, in Germany this figure is 12 euros.


Sector/profession Euro per month
Banking 1,970.93
Insurance 1,577.42
Mail 1,417.73
Truck transport 1,379.03
Connection 1,296.15
Journalism 1,293.21
Tourism (hotels) 1,291.81
City pharmacies 1,273.35
Realtor services 1,265.56
Travel agencies 1,218.50
Dentistry 1,218.09
Hairdressing services 1,139.90
Cinematography 1,059.94
Agriculture 874.65
Household staff (maid, nanny) 629.15

According to Article 36 of the Constitution, the minimum wage in Italy must be proportional to the quality and quantity of the work done and must be high enough to ensure a minimum living wage for the employee and his family. Around half of Italian workers are covered by collective agreements setting the minimum wage.

Average salary in Italy

The average salary in Italy depends largely on the profession, level of qualification, education, economic sector, gender and age of the employee, as well as the specific region. For example, in the industrially developed northern part of the country, the income of Italians is much higher than in the southern part, where they are more involved in agriculture.

In general, according to local statistical agencies, the average salary in Italy in 2023 is about 2,415 euros per month. After the payment of taxes and other deductions, about 1,800 euros remains at the disposal of the Italian employee. The highest incomes are recorded in the Lombardy region, and the lowest in Calabria.

In terms of Italian cities, Milan, Rome and Turin earn the most. The highest paid professions in Italy are doctors and management companies (top managers).


Profession Euro per year
Dentist 104,765
General Director 101,810
Finance Director 96,610
Pilot 51,305
Auditor 48,010
Civil Engineer 42,155
Engineer 39,085
Chef 36,950
Nurse 34,920
Police officer 34,740
Teacher 33,460
Accountant 31,925
Waiter 28,240
Cashier 25,455
Porter 24,890
Secretary 24,440

In conclusion, we note that the unemployment rate in Italy is about 7-8% and the income tax rate in 2023 ranges from 23% (income up to 15,000 euros per year) to 43% (income over 75,000 euros per year).


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