Cologne is located in North Rhine-Westphalia in southwestern Germany on both banks of the Rhine River. It is considered one of the largest economic and cultural centers of the country. It is known for its impressive cathedral, beautiful museums and prestigious universities. Despite the fact that Cologne is not among the top cities to live in Germany, it is quite a comfortable and developed metropolis with good job opportunities.

Work in Cologne

Work, study and live in Germany attract millions of foreigners from all over the world, including third countries. And Cologne, as an important industrial center of Europe, is considered one of the best cities both for professional activity and for own business in Germany. The specifics of labor migration, job search, current vacancies and salaries in Cologne in 2024 are discussed below.

Labor migration to Cologne

The population of Cologne in 2024 is 1.1 million. It is the fourth largest city in Germany by number of inhabitants and third largest by area. More than 36% of the population of Cologne are migrants, of which about 81 thousand people represent Turkey, 25 thousand Italy and 18 thousand Poland. In addition, there are many representatives of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Syria, Russia and other countries.

Cologne is proud of its great history and culture. The city is not only a center of art, but also a center of music. It hosts a November street festival called the Cologne Carnival. Crowds flock to the city at this time, the bars and pubs are full, and the streets are packed with dancing people in elaborate costumes. Cologne's Christmas fairs are known far beyond Germany.

Nearly 400,000 residents of Cologne are immigrants, many of whom have come to work. The city's economy is based on a strong financial sector (insurance and banking) and the media industry (Westdeutscher Rundfunk and RTL Television). In addition, there are plenty of employment opportunities in engineering and education, cultural activities promote tourism.

Labor migration to Cologne

Official work in Cologne for foreigners from countries outside the European Union requires a number of prerequisites. It is necessary to find an employer in advance, sign an employment contract, apply for a work permit and get a work visa to Germany. Given the high level of competition, this is not easy to do.

How to find a job in Cologne

Large international and German companies in Cologne are often in need of qualified specialists from abroad. The headquarters of the German airline carrier Lufthansa and its subsidiary Lufthansa CityLine are located here. Some of the largest employers in Cologne are Ford and Toyota, which have commercial and production centers in the city. The big brewing companies, Reissdorf, Gaffel and Früh, also account for many jobs.

Write a competent resume and cover letter according to German standards. Contact the major employers in Cologne directly through special sections on company websites or by e-mail. Of course, a foreign applicant must have a good education, possess the skills, professional experience and level of qualification that are in demand. For successful employment in Cologne it is necessary to have a good command of German or at least English.

Searching for jobs in Cologne

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Popular job search sites in Cologne

Go to Cologne as a tourist and try to make business connections. Talk to migrant workers on forums and social networks. Collect and analyze information on the Internet. If you cannot find a job in Cologne without intermediaries, try to contact a German recruitment agency. A local resource can help with your search.

Jobs and wages in Cologne

Jobs and wages in Cologne

The Cologne region has been a center of trade and commerce for two millennia and a dynamic industrial region for over 200 years. It is home to a huge number of companies in the media, insurance, automotive and brewing industries. Those with professions related to these areas have a good chance of finding a job in Cologne. The city has the second largest inland port in Germany and one of the largest in Europe.

Available jobs in Cologne for foreigners in 2024 are financiers, insurers, bankers, programmers, engineers and construction workers, as well as professionals in the media (media) and auto business. Skilled foreign workers with experience and scarce skills are mostly needed. Specialists in biotechnology, chemistry, food, oil refining and pharmaceuticals are often needed.

The average salary in Cologne in 2024 is about 2,300 euros per month after taxes. This is slightly below the national average. For example, working in Stuttgart brings about 2,900 euros, in Berlin 2,500 euros, and in Munich about 3,000. The minimum wage in Germany, including Cologne, is equal to 12.41 euros per hour. On average, Germans earn €4,035 per month before tax (gross) and around €2,800 after tax.

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