Sweden is one of the few European countries with a fairly loyal attitude to migrant workers. Especially when it comes to qualified specialists or holders of scarce professions.

Thanks to effective cooperation between trade unions and employers, Swedish workers are in absolute social and legal security. This is reflected in the absence of any discriminatory manifestations on the basis of gender, ethnicity or religion.

Work in Sweden for foreigners from third countries in 2024 – a chance to significantly improve their income level, to move to Europe for permanent residence, and in 5 years and even get Swedish citizenship.

Work in Sweden

One of the advantages of official employment in Sweden is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for close family members of immigrants, including children under 21 years of age. After that they have free access to the Swedish educational system, finding work and doing business in Sweden.

Another distinguishing feature of Sweden is an effective combination of high-tech market economy and a system of high social standards. Among the most accessible sectors for foreign applicants are IT, industry and health care.

For temporary employment, there is seasonal work in Sweden on farms, in particular, berry picking. Next, let's talk in more detail about the peculiarities of labor migration and finding work in Sweden without intermediaries.

How to go to work in Sweden

According to Swedish law, nationals from countries outside the European Union to work in Sweden must obtain special permission from the local authorities. To do this, the foreigner must have a specific job offer from a Swedish employer. In addition, there are a number of requirements for the job itself:

  • The information about the vacancy must be posted on the European portal EURES and be there for at least 10 days;

  • Working conditions and wages must be in line with industry standards or based on collective bargaining agreements. The minimum allowable wage before taxes is at least SEK 13,000 per month (about €1,165).

Once the above conditions have been met and the details of the foreign worker's employment have been agreed, the Swedish employer submits the relevant information to the union for approval and prepares a formal written job offer.

The documents are then forwarded to the applicant, who applies for a work permit in Sweden. This is done through a special website of the migration agency or the Swedish Consulate. At the same time, family members of the immigrant can apply for a residence permit in Sweden.

Documents for a work permit in Sweden

  1. Completed application form.

  2. Copies of pages of your passport.

  3. Official documentation confirming a job offer and approved by the Swedish authorities (sent by the employer).

  4. Payment of the registration fee (about 200 euros).

The Swedish Migration Agency will then carefully review the application and make a decision. The period can last for 2-5 months, or even more, depending on how the documentation is submitted and the type of work. In any case, the foreigner will be notified of the decision.

The next step is to apply for a work visa and, in the case of employment for more than 3 months, the worker will be issued a residence card in Sweden. The card is valid for a maximum period of two years and can be extended. After four years, you can get permanent residence and after another year you can apply for Swedish citizenship.

For more information on the employment procedure in Sweden and to plan your next steps after obtaining a work permit, visit the official Swedish resource

There are special rules for certain professions in Sweden, which can greatly simplify the process of obtaining a work permit, especially for short-term employment. This applies, for example, to athletes, artists, au pairs, and berry pickers. In some rare cases you may not need a work permit at all.

How to find a job in Sweden without intermediaries

For at least the last ten years, the most accessible and effective way of employment in any country of the world is the Internet. Therefore, the work in Sweden for applicants from abroad in 2024, especially without intermediaries and on the condition of being in their own country, is also connected with the address, first of all, to the World Wide Web.

The best place to start is the official website of the Swedish Public Employment Service – It has the largest database of vacancies and a lot of useful information related to employment. For those already in Sweden, it is possible to register at one of the 320 local employment offices.

Popular job search sites in Sweden

Specialized resources

IT –,

Medicine –,

Engineers and builders –,

Next, pay attention to media ads, Swedish newspaper websites will help. Here are the most popular:

Dagens Nyheter

Dagens Industri

Sometimes it is a good idea to visit the official websites of Swedish companies, where you can not only find job offers, but also contact the employer directly. Use to find a suitable company.

All sorts of job fairs and festivals, often organized with the support of local employment agencies, are very common in Sweden. These events are attended by representatives of a large number of Swedish companies aimed at finding a suitable specialist. However, to participate in the fairs you need to be in Sweden.

And the last, and in today's world may be one of the most effective ways to find a job in Sweden – the social networks. And both professional, such as linkedin, and ordinary – facebook.

Tips for a successful job search in Sweden:

  • Properly compose your resume. It is advisable to use samples recommended by Swedish websites. The statement should be short and succinct. A description of the biography and cover letter should try to spend no more than 1-2 pages. In addition to qualifications and experience be sure to specify hobbies and recommendations from former employers.

  • Interview. This will require thorough preparation and calmness. Interviewing foreigners at the first stage is usually conducted by video over the Internet. It is necessary to gather detailed information about the company activity in advance and at the first opportunity unobtrusively demonstrate your knowledge. If necessary, you should not be afraid to ask qualifying questions.

In conclusion, I would like to note that to find a suitable job in Sweden is not without a sober assessment of their professional skills, experience, level of education and knowledge of foreign languages. Otherwise, reasonable persistence and proactive action are sure to lead to a positive result.

Jobs and wages in Sweden

There is no officially established minimum wage in Swedish law. This indicator, as well as working conditions and social guarantees for employees in different areas of activity, are designated in collective bargaining agreements of trade unions and employers.

The only thing we can say for sure, if we believe the official statistics of Sweden, is that about 90% of Swedish employees have a minimum wage around 60-70% of the average wage. This is higher than in most European countries.

The average wage in Sweden in 2024 is 43,200 kronas a month (about 3,870 euros). If we take the individual professions, Swedish earnings in descending order are as follows (euros per month):

  • Financiers, insurers and company managers – over 7,500

  • Deputies and top civil servants – 7,000-7,500

  • Doctors – 6,500-6,700, nurses – 3,910

  • Lawyers – 5,510

  • IT specialists – 4,000-5,000

  • Engineers and construction specialists – 3,500-4,500

  • Salespeople, cooks – 2,450-2,800

Drivers, security guards, waiters, nannies, caregivers and other unskilled workers in Sweden earn from 2,000 to 2,500 euros per month.

Among the available jobs in Sweden for foreigners are most notable in IT, medical workers, engineering and construction specialties, the field of education. Seasonal work in Sweden at the farms is popular among the applicants from third countries. Collecting various berries and mushrooms can bring 2,000-3,000 euros a month.

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