Stockholm is the financial, economic, cultural, political center and capital of Sweden. One of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. A great place to live, build a successful career or start your own Swedish company.

In Stockholm, large-scale scientific conferences are held, high technologies are developed and innovations are introduced. Swedish universities occupy high positions in world rankings. For example, the Royal Institute of Technology of the capital is very popular.

Work in Stockholm

Work in Stockholm for foreigners in 2024 will greatly improve the level of income and quality of life in general. The economy of Sweden is quite diverse, but there are almost no heavy industries within the city.

Holders of relevant professions need to take this into account. The bulk of Swedish citizens and migrant workers working in Stockholm are employed in services (up to 85%). The most attractive areas for employment are information technology, finance, and the banking sector.

Specifics of labor migration to Stockholm

The population of Stockholm in 2024 is about 975 thousand people. It is the most densely populated city not only in Sweden but also in all of Scandinavia. According to some estimates, up to 27% of local residents are immigrants. In total, about 135 thousand foreigners live in Stockholm, which is also a kind of record for Scandinavian countries. The largest ethnic groups are Finns (18 thousand), Iraqis (16.4 thousand) and Iranians (11.6 thousand).

In addition to Swedish, one can hear many foreign languages in the streets of Stockholm, including Finnish, English, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and so on. The social standards, standard of living, ideal infrastructure and cleanliness of the Swedish capital can only be envied. The city has a unique ancient history, a lot of architectural monuments and museums, green spaces and reservoirs. Very often Stockholm is called the "Venice of the North.

Specifics of labor migration to Stockholm

Stockholm has a favorable climate with mild winters and comfortable cool summers. Locals are responsive and friendly. As in most European capitals, housing prices are quite high. For foreigners from third countries employment in Stockholm involves a number of restrictive measures. For example, with few exceptions, to occupy a job for at least 10 days should not apply for a job Swedes and EU citizens.

The procedure for labor migration to Stockholm

  1. Finding a job and being interviewed.

  2. Receiving an official job offer.

  3. Obtaining a work permit.

  4. Opening a work visa and obtaining a residence permit in Sweden.

Detailed step-by-step guide to legal move to Stockholm for employment, including obtaining a work permit, can be found at the official website of the Swedish Immigration Agency – The first and most important step is to find a job in Stockholm beforehand.

How to find a job in Stockholm

The unemployment rate in Stockholm does not exceed 5-6%. It is one of the lowest among all Swedish cities. Nevertheless, job seekers from abroad find it quite difficult to work in Sweden. According to official statistics, every fifth foreigner, who already legally resides in the country, is unemployed. In Stockholm, the situation is slightly better, but the competition for decent jobs is huge.

Employment in the capital are seeking not only the Swedes themselves. Work in Stockholm attracts qualified specialists from the most developed countries in Europe and around the world. Do not forget about migrants from Syria and Afghanistan, the influx of which in recent years creates an additional load on the local labor market. Therefore, for successful labor migration to Stockholm, foreigners from third countries need to have a significant competitive advantage.

How to find a job in Stockholm

Qualifications. A foreign worker must have a good education, experience and skills. The ideal option is to have a profession that is considered scarce in Sweden and Stockholm (see below). Otherwise, the chances of getting a job are minimal.

Language. Work in Stockholm without knowledge of the language is almost inaccessible. It is not necessary to know Swedish. Advanced English will be quite enough. Although, local language skills are only a plus.

A large number of foreigners working in Stockholm in major Swedish or international corporations, usually related to high technology. For example, Ericsson, Electrolux and H&M. The stock exchange and Sweden's largest banks, including the famous Swedbank, are also located in the capital. Don't be lazy to write a good resume and cover letter, taking into account the recommendations of local specialized resources.

Send job offers directly to employers. If possible, visit Stockholm as a tourist. See the city, and check out job fairs. Try to make some business connections. Get active on the Internet. Talk to like-minded people and residents of Stockholm in forums, visit thematic sites and groups in social networks. Have patience and be moderately persistent.

Searching for work in Stockholm

Swedish National Employment Service –

Professional Social Network –

Major employers in Stockholm –

Popular job search sites in Stockholm

Well-known newspapers in Stockholm


Dagens Industri

Svenska Dagbladet

If you cannot find a job in Stockholm without an agent, you can use the services of a manpower agency. For example,

Jobs and wage in Stockholm

obs and wage in Stockholm

The sector of IT, innovative companies, startups, internet-entrepreneurship, and the high-tech market in general – these are the most attractive areas where you will find jobs in Stockholm in 2024.

Besides, it is worth to pay attention to the sphere of financial and insurance services, banking sector and construction. Talented scientists and experienced teachers can find jobs in research centers and universities. Medical professionals are often needed.

The local authorities regularly publish a list of professions in short supply for the Swedish and metropolitan economies. The list is quite diverse. It is much easier to find a job in Sweden for such specialists. We highlight the most in-demand professions for employment in Stockholm in 2024:

    • Construction workers of all kinds

    • Pharmacists

    • Architects

    • Nurses

    • Nannies

    • Midwives

    • Bartenders

    • Bus and Truck Drivers

    • Mechanics

    • Electricians

    • IT specialists

    • Social workers

    • Plumbers

    • Dentists

    • Chefs

There is no official minimum wage in Stockholm or any other city in the country. The rates are fixed in collective bargaining agreements between trade unions and employers separately for each industry. It is safe to say that these figures are among the highest in Europe.

The average salary in Stockholm in 2024 is about 3,300-3,400 euros per month after taxes. Even unskilled labor in Sweden is paid very decently. For example, nannies, caregivers, maids, and waitresses are paid at least 2,000 euros.

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