Liechtenstein is a small state located on the banks of the Rhine River in Central Europe, between the Swiss canton of St. Gallen and the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. It is a very attractive place for employment and business with a well-developed infrastructure and a high innovative potential. However, jobs in Liechtenstein for foreigners from third countries are available in very limited numbers.

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The population of Liechtenstein in 2024 is a little more than 39.7 thousand people, and the area of this dwarf state is only 160 square kilometers. The official language is German, the currency is the Swiss franc, and the form of government is a dual monarchy. Average life expectancy is about 83 years. Next, learn about the specifics of employment, finding a job, available jobs and salaries in Liechtenstein.

Labour migration to Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is not a part of the European Union and NATO, but it is a participant of the Schengen Agreement and the European Economic Area. For the legal employment of foreigners in the state there are almost identical requirements, as in all EU countries. First of all, the vacancy should not be applied for by locals. By the way, about half of the workforce of Liechtenstein resides in neighboring states.

For legal migration to Liechtenstein job seekers from countries outside the European Union, must first find a job, sign a contract with a local employer, obtain a work permit, open a visa, and issue a residence permit. The document is issued by the Immigration and Passport Office of Liechtenstein. Workers from neighboring countries (Swiss, Austrians, Germans) receive only commuter permit.

Important. Foreigners who have concluded employment contracts, which provide for residence in Liechtenstein, and who work in restaurants or bars, can stay in the Principality during the working week, but must visit the place of permanent residence (crossing the border) at least once a week.

How to find a job in Liechtenstein

How to find a job in Liechtenstein. Search for a job without intermediaries.

Of course, such a small state almost completely fills the vacancies in the labor market at the expense of local citizens, as well as foreigners who travel to work every day across the border from neighboring Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Jobs in Liechtenstein for foreigners are available mainly to highly skilled and experienced professionals or very scarce workers, which are needed by local companies.

For a successful search of vacancies in Liechtenstein in 2024 a job seeker from abroad will require demanded profession, qualification, experience, and knowledge of German language. Working in Liechtenstein without knowledge of the language is an almost unrealistic task. At least you need to know English very well. Like most successful countries of the world, the local authorities are interested in attracting foreign specialists who can benefit the economy of the country.

Popular sites for job search in Liechtenstein

Famous newspaper in

Register on the professional social network, put together a good resume and cover letter, and contact the employer directly or contact a Liechtenstein recruiting agency.

Jobs and salaries in Liechtenstein

The economy of Liechtenstein is based on the developed sector of financial services, and to a lesser degree on agriculture, and industry – electronics, metal-working, textiles, ceramics, and pharmaceutics. It is in these spheres more often vacancies in Liechtenstein are available for foreigners. Also foreign applicants should pay attention to the tourism industry, which sometimes requires service personnel.

Liechtenstein is included in the list of 10 European countries, where the minimum wage is not set on the national level. The rates are regulated through negotiations (collective agreements) between employers and trade unions. According to official data from the local government, the average wage in Liechtenstein in 2024 is 5,150 Swiss francs per month. Naturally, income depends on the profession, skill level and employer.

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