The Kingdom of Morocco is a colorful state in northern Africa with a rich culture that includes elements of African, European and Middle Eastern traditions. The country has a comfortable climate, delicious cuisine and generally created quite favorable conditions for life.

Access to the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west promotes the development of tourism and foreign investment. Today, many foreigners are opening their own business in this country, or are considering the option of official employment and move to Morocco for a long time.

Jobs in Morocco for foreigners in 2024 is available in information technology, telecommunications, construction, tourism, industry and some other areas, for example, are often offered vacancies for teachers of foreign languages. The proximity to Europe ensures the growth and stability of the Moroccan economy. The agriculture, aerospace, automotive and textile sectors are particularly dynamic.

Work in Morocco

Immigrants will be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of living in Morocco, especially in comparison with North America and Western Europe. Even in the most favorable for work and life city, the economic center of the country – Casablanca, the cost of real estate or rent an apartment is quite acceptable. Next, learn about the peculiarities of labor migration to Morocco, job search options, available vacancies and salaries in the local labor market in 2024.

How to go to work in Morocco. The specifics of labor migration.

To successfully move to Morocco for the purpose of employment, you need to learn some of the features of life in this country, which directly affect the professional life. Let us highlight the main ones.

Religion. About 99% of Moroccans are Muslims. Accordingly, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of conduct in society and to respect the traditions of the citizens of Morocco. By the way, the locals are quite open and tolerant of foreigners, and privacy is considered inviolable in the country, regardless of nationality and status.

Language. The official language in Morocco is Arabic. In the political and business environment is widespread French, as well as English, especially when it comes to employment in international companies. Working in Morocco without knowing the language is almost impossible. At least for legal labor migration, and should only resort to this employment option.

Competition. The population of Morocco in 2024 is about 38.1 million people. More than 12 million Moroccans are a potential workforce and competition for foreigners. In addition, locals are always given preference for jobs, which is enshrined in law. The unemployment rate in the country is around 12-13%. Consequently, the local labor market mainly requires qualified foreign specialists with professions which are in short supply in Morocco.

Problems. Because of its proximity to volatile regions, Morocco from time to time faces the threat of terrorist attacks, including the authorities fearing the return of Moroccans who have joined terrorist groups. But overall, the country is quite safe. Other difficulties include corruption, high levels of poverty and illiteracy, especially in rural areas.

Requirements for foreigners for employment in Morocco

The specifics of labor migration

The main task of the foreign job seeker is to find a Moroccan employer who will agree to conclude an employment contract with a foreigner. This is a prerequisite for the local National Agency for Employment Promotion and Training (ANAPEC) to issue a work permit and obtain a work visa from the Moroccan diplomatic office.

Each contract is thoroughly checked for compliance with labor law. In particular, a foreigner is not allowed to take a vacancy for which local residents are applying. The employment of foreign specialists is supervised by ANAPEC and the local Ministry of Labor (Ministère de l'Emploi), which mostly interact with Moroccan companies rather than directly with foreigners.

It is not difficult to guess that most local employers do not want to waste time on processing permits for foreign applicants, so the main condition for a successful job search in Morocco is the experience and qualifications of the foreigner. Equally important is a good command of the French language.

How to find a job in Morocco. Job Search.

Morocco has a large concentration of international and multinational companies. Often these employers already have experience in hiring foreign specialists, which gives applicants a better chance of taking the job. In addition, knowledge of only English in this case may be sufficient. However, French and Arabic skills will greatly increase the likelihood of employment and simply make life in Morocco more comfortable.

How to find a job in Morocco

Jobs in Morocco for foreigners are available mainly in major cities where serious employers operate – Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Agadir, Marrakech and Fez. Writing a resume and cover letter does not differ much from European standards. Write job offers directly to companies and sign up for a professional social network –

Start your job search in Morocco with the official websites of the government agencies that regulate employment in the country. In addition to jobs, there you can find more information related to the employment of foreigners, as well as a list of recruitment agencies.

Moroccan Ministry of Labor –

Moroccan National Agency for Employment Promotion and Training –

Popular job search sites in Morocco

Websites of famous Moroccan newspapers – in Arabic – in French

If possible, visit Morocco as a tourist, look around, talk to people. Sometimes it is much easier to find a job locally, because the lion's share of vacancies is simply not publicly available.

Jobs and wages in Morocco

Jobs and wages in Morocco

Up to 40% of the Moroccan labor force is employed in agriculture, the same percentage is employed in services and about 20% work in industry. The country has an open and market-oriented economy, which stimulates the creation of vacancies in various fields.

The minimum wage in Morocco is 3,500 Moroccan dirhams (about 325 euros) for the public sector and 3,120 dirhams (about 290 euros) for the private sector. The average after-tax wage in Morocco in 2024 is 4,050 dirhams (about 375 euros).

Jobs in Morocco in 2024 for foreigners are available in the following areas and professions:

  • Information technology and telecommunications industry.

  • Tourism industry.

  • Teaching English or French in educational institutions and private schools.

  • Qualified engineers and construction workers.

  • Top managers and company managers.

Quite common vacancies in Morocco for programmers, call-center operators, translators, guides and diving instructors. Foreign specialists with experience and qualifications can expect salaries in Morocco from 700-1,000 euros and above.


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Dear sir. my name is Oluwadare Akinseye form Nigeria. I want to apply for a work permit in Morocco. am interested to live and workin morocco. I am hard work man. Please i need a construction workers job. Language. English, Thank you very much sir.
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