Iran is one of the largest states in the Middle East and North Africa with strong economies and rich natural resources. It is located in southwest Asia and borders on Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iran is home to about 87.1 million people and has an unemployment rate of about 7–8 percent. The budget revenues are largely derived from oil and gas exports. The government controls the lion's share of large companies, while the private sector is extremely slow. Let's find out what salaries in Iran in 2024.

Salary in Iran

Minimum salary in Iran

According to the local government, the official minimum wage in Iran in 2024 is 53,073,300 Iranian rials per month, which at the current rate is equivalent to 1,260 U.S. dollars. Due to the dependence of Iran's economy on international sanctions and high inflation risks, the local currency may fluctuate significantly.

Important. According to Article 41 of the Labor Code of Iran, the High Labor Council must determine the minimum wage in accordance with the inflation rate announced by the Central Bank of Iran.

Iran's minimum wage increased by 36.5% in 2019. Nevertheless, Iranian workers have expressed concern about the low level of the national minimum wage. According to the Statistical Center of Iran, inflation in the country reached and even exceeded 50% in 2019-2023, a record for the past 23 years. The number of people living below the poverty line increased by 25% in one year.

Average salary in Iran

According to the Iranian Statistics Center, the average salary in Iran in 2024 is 30,000,000 rials per month ($715). Incomes depend largely on profession and region. For example, in the capital Tehran, incomes are significantly higher than in the country as a whole. On average $900 per month. According to the authoritative portal Numbeo, after taxes the average salary in Iran is $305 per month.

Iranian and international recruitment agencies indicate that the highest salaries in Iran are paid to CEOs and CFOs of companies, as well as dentists, who receive more than 30 thousand dollars a year. The smallest annual income of workers without special qualifications – cashiers, waiters, loaders – is up to 5 thousand dollars.

In conclusion, we note that the income tax rate in Iran on salaries of employees varies from 0 to 35%. Annual income over 4,200 million rials is taxed at the maximum rate.

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