Tunisia is located in the north of Africa, washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west it borders with Algeria, and in the south-east with Libya. It is a very developed country by the standards of the African continent. Therefore, many foreigners not only visit numerous Tunisian resorts, but also consider business and employment options in Tunisia.

In some sectors of the economy, the local labor market even has a labor deficit from abroad. Work in Tunisia for foreigners in 2024 is available mainly in tourism, medicine and education. The hotel and restaurant business requires animators, guides, hostesses, waiters, maids. In the sphere of health care surgeons, cardiologists, pediatricians.

Work in Tunisia

For legal employment in Tunisia you should find an employer in advance and get a work permit. Registration of documents may last for 1-2 months. Unemployment in the country is about 15%. The rate of income tax varies from 0 to 35%. When looking for a job in Tunisia, it is better to pay attention to large settlements, in particular the capital Tunis, as well as the cities of Sfax and Sousse.

According to official data from the local government, the minimum wage in Tunisia in 2024 is 390.7 Tunisian dinars per month ($130). The average income is about 835 dinars per month (275$). Qualified foreign specialists can count on an amount several times higher.


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In order to successfully find a job in Tunisia, applicants from abroad need to have a sought-after/deficit profession, sufficient experience, education and skill level, as well as knowledge of English/French/Arabic.

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