The Republic of Slovenia is a small country in the southern part of Central Europe, bordering four countries – Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Italy and is washed by the Adriatic Sea. Since 2004 it is a member of the European Union, and in 2007 joined the Euro zone. The country has a wonderful nature, comfortable climate and many places for tourists, including sea beaches and ski slopes. The population of Slovenia in 2024 is slightly more than 2 million people.

Slovenia has relatively high wages, perfect infrastructure and stable economy. Unemployment in the country is about 4-5%. Jobs in Slovenia for foreigners from third countries in 2024 is quite accessible, in addition, it is a good way to immigrate to Europe and the opportunity not only to earn, but also to relax in the many resorts and enjoy the local attractions. Next, let's find out how to find a job in Slovenia and the main requirements for foreigners, as well as get acquainted with the available jobs and salaries in 2024.

Work in Slovenia

Employment in Slovenia for foreigners

Citizens of the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area) have the right to work freely in Slovenia with no restrictions. Foreigners from other countries, for example Ukrainians, have to obtain a special permit before they can legally work in Slovenia. To do this you need to find an employer and sign an employment contract. The main condition for taking a vacancy in Slovenia by such employee is that there are no applicants for the job among locals and Europeans.

In 2015 there were changes in the Slovenian legislation concerning the employment of foreigners from third countries, according to which the work permit and the residence permit became interrelated procedures. In other words, previously the two documents had to be processed by different authorities, but now the application is submitted in one place. It also greatly accelerated the process of moving and issuing work visas. In any case, all procedural issues are coordinated with the Consulate of Slovenia in your country and the employer.

A work permit is issued on the basis of a review of the relevant application by the Employment Service of Slovenia. The residence permit is issued by the competent authorities of the particular administrative county – On these websites you can find official information on certain aspects of Slovenian employment. It is worth noting that the procedure for applying for a seasonal work permit in Slovenia, i.e. for a period of up to 90 days, is slightly different.

Initially the work permit in Slovenia is issued for a maximum period of one year, renewable. After moving to the country, you have to register at your place of residence within 3 days. In order to obtain a Slovenian passport you may have to reside in the country permanently for at least 10 years.

How to find a job in Slovenia. Search for vacancies without intermediaries.

Jobs in Slovenia for foreigners in 2024 implies a certain qualification and knowledge of foreign languages, at least English. The recognition of a foreign diploma can be checked on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia – The more experience and skills the applicant has, the higher the chances of finding a prestigious job on the Slovenian labor market.

The ideal solution is to use connections and personal contacts in Slovenia, for example if acquaintances or relatives have experience of working in the country and can help you in your search for an employer. You can visit the country as a tourist and try to get in touch with a Slovenian company or at least assess the situation on the ground. Otherwise, the Internet and proper persistence will help.

The first thing to do is to visit the official website of the Slovenian Employment Service (link above). In addition to job vacancies, here you can find useful information to analyze and familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of employment in Slovenia.

Popular job sites in Slovenia

Websites of Slovenian newspapers

Actively use professional social media, contact Slovenian recruitment agencies or companies directly.

Jobs and wages in Slovenia

The average salary in Slovenia in 2024 is 2,280 euros, and after paying taxes that leaves about 1,500 euros per month. This is higher compared to, for example, Portugal and Greece. The official minimum wage since January 1 is 1,253.90 euros. Professionals in the field of energy, high technology, finance, insurance and pharmaceutical industry earn the most.

Available jobs in Slovenia for foreigners in 2024 – are experienced engineers, construction workers (welders, handymen), IT-specialists, doctors, truck drivers. There are jobs for applicants of unskilled professions – cleaners, housekeepers, sales clerks, nannies, caregivers. It is easiest for foreigners to find work in Slovenia in large companies and large cities such as Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Koper.


# Nilantha samaraweera 2023-03-03 12:45
I am Sri Lanka, I won't to apply for new job in Slovenia, I have a great experience for arc welding, grinding, get fitting, grill fitting, Gutter fity, and 16years of heavy vehicle driving.
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# Catherine Atim 2023-09-22 06:24
i can be a good receptionist or office administrator i studied Human resource Management. i have the skills and abilities committe to work with minimal supervision. Am from Uganda. thank you
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