The Republic of Paraguay is located in central South America, where it borders Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. Despite being landlocked, the state has two river ports from which ships access the Atlantic Ocean.

Work in Paraguay

Work in Paraguay for foreigners in 2024 is available mainly for specialists who are in short supply on the local labor market. We will talk further about the specifics of labor migration, job search, in-demand jobs and salary levels in Paraguay.

Labor migration to Paraguay

The population of Paraguay in 2024 is only 6.9 million people. And about half (3.5 million) live in the capital (with suburbs) and the largest city of the country – Asuncion. This is the cultural, political and economic center of the state, where the largest number of jobs in Paraguay is concentrated, including those available to foreigners. Mestizos (mixed Spanish and Amerindian descent) make up 95% of the local population, with other ethnic groups accounting for only 5%.

As recently as 10-15 years ago, Paraguay's economy had the highest growth rates in all of South America. Today, economic performance is not as strong, but thanks to a strong manufacturing sector and high world prices, the country's gross domestic product is growing by an average of 4% annually. The services sector accounts for the lion's share of the GDP structure (62%), while industry and agriculture are roughly equal, 18% and 20% respectively.

Paraguay's main export products are soybeans, stevia and tung oil. In addition, large amounts of corn, beef, wheat, and many other crops are exported. The country's climate ranges from tropical to subtropical. Due to the lack of a natural mountain barrier, there are often very strong winds, which can sometimes reach speeds of 161 km / h. But in general, living in Paraguay is quite comfortable.

Official work in Paraguay involves fulfilling a number of preliminary requirements, in particular, finding an employer, signing a contract and opening a work visa. Since the state has a shortage of qualified specialists, and the authorities seek to maximize employment, primarily local residents, a foreigner must have a profession that will bring significant benefit to the economy of Paraguay.

Job Search. Jobs and salaries in Paraguay.

Paraguay has two official languages – Spanish and Guarani. In addition, Portuguese and German are also spoken. Of course, for a successful job search in Paraguay, in addition to the required profession and experience, a foreign job seeker needs to have a good command of English.

Paraguay's labor market consists not only of indigenous peoples, but also includes many foreigners from Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain. The Arab and Jewish communities are well represented, as well as people from Southeast Asia. All of this should be taken into account when planning labor migration to Paraguay.

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Paraguayan industry has expanded significantly over the past decade, with large factories opening for the production of automobiles, clothing and energy. Jobs in Paraguay for foreigners are offered mainly in the manufacturing sector and in teaching, for example, English teachers are needed.

The main flow of labor migrants goes to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. This is where the offices of international corporations and major Paraguayan employers are located. Make a competent resume and cover letter, preferably in Spanish, and send job offers to companies directly.

If possible, fly to Paraguay as a tourist, look around and try to make business contacts. Visit professional social networks and topical forums. The official minimum wage in Paraguay in 2024 is 2,680,373 Paraguayan guaraníes per month, equivalent to 370 dollars. Average monthly incomes are around 400-500 dollars.

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