Toronto is Canada's most populous city and the capital of Ontario. One of the largest financial and cultural centers in the world. The job in Toronto for foreigners in 2024 will provide a high level of income and an opportunity to immigrate to Canada permanently with an opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Work in Toronto

Toronto offers optimal conditions for employment and comfortable life. Sports fans can enjoy basketball, tennis, and hockey games. Theater and film fans won't be bored. It is a very safe city with a favorable climate, excellent infrastructure and friendly residents. Let's talk about the specifics of labor migration in Toronto further below.

Labour migration to Toronto

Toronto has a population of over 2.7 million people in 2024. Almost half of the locals are foreigners. Overall, Toronto is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. The most numerous nationalities are English, Chinese, Irish and Scots. Many are from Western and Eastern Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and Russia.

Province of Ontario leads the country in attracting immigrants from all over the country and not only as employees. Many foreigners are attracted by the opportunity to get a quality higher education in Canada. One of the best universities is considered the University of Toronto, where students from more than 165 countries study. Wealthy entrepreneurs from abroad open businesses in Canada and Toronto is not the last place to attract investments.

Toronto's economy has a strong financial and business sector. The largest stock exchange, many banks and brokerage companies are located here. Unemployment in Toronto is about 5%. According to local experts, the employment rate in the city during the year will increase almost twice as fast as the national average. In addition, authorities expect further population growth, including from migrant workers.

Labour migration to Toronto

Tens of thousands of job seekers from all over the world think about how to find a job in Canada. Therefore, the competition on the local labor market is very significant. Local authorities are interested in attracting, first of all, experienced qualified specialists possessing professions in deficit for Toronto economy. In general, the process of labor migration to Canada is quite complicated.

Legal work in Toronto means preliminary search of an employer and obtaining a work permit. Depending on the job offer, applicants from abroad have to meet some additional requirements such as good health, absence of criminal record, and willingness to leave Canadian territory after the expiration of the contract. Special immigration programs like Federal Skilled Worker make the process of moving to Toronto a little bit easier.

More detailed official information on conditions and requirements for foreigners for employment in Toronto can be found at the governmental portal of Canada –

How to find a job in Toronto

Although you can hear dozens of different languages including Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages in the streets of Toronto, to successfully find a job in Toronto a foreigner must be fluent in the official language – English and less frequently French. Also, about 20% of the professions in the Canadian labour market are regulated, so some degrees and qualifications must be recognized in the country. For example, this applies to doctors, engineers and teachers.

How to find a job in Toronto

Major companies in media and telecommunications, information technology and the film industry are concentrated in Toronto. Most of the jobs outside the city are in manufacturing. Review the list of local employers (link below) and write job offers directly. This requires a competent resume and cover letter. Be succinct about your experience, credentials, and skills.

If possible, travel to Toronto as a tourist. In addition to seeing the local sights, take time to visit job fairs, pay attention to advertisements in local newspapers and television. Talk to local migrant workers. Be active on the Internet. Visit thematic forums and groups in social networks. Look for job openings in Toronto on specialized sites.

Search for jobs in Toronto

Canada's government employment

Professional social networking

Toronto's Best Employers in

Popular Toronto job search sites

Notable newspapers in Toronto

Toronto Star

The Toronto Sun

If you can't find a job in Toronto without an intermediary, try contacting a Canadian staffing agency. This resource will help in your search for a company.

Jobs and wages in Toronto

Today, high-paying jobs in Toronto for foreigners are available not only in the financial sector, but also in telecommunications and information technology, the advertising and film industry, the automotive industry and the industrial sector. Up to 40% of all Canadian companies have offices or headquarters in Toronto. Occasionally there are jobs in the travel industry.

Salaries in Canada are among the highest in the world. For example, the minimum wage in Ontario is 16.55 Canadian dollars per hour. The average wage in Toronto in 2024 is $4,350 per month before taxes. In-demand jobs in Toronto are software developers, financiers, engineers, and handymen. In the unskilled sector, it is very difficult to find a legitimate job in Toronto.

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