Vilnius is the largest city and the capital of the Lithuanian state, located in the southeastern part of the country next to the Republic of Belarus. Thanks largely to this, a large number of Belarusians are interested in working in Vilnius and in Lithuania in general.

It is the financial and economic center of the country, which generates a quarter of the GDP and over 20% of the tax revenue. Lithuania's accession to the European Union creates additional incentives for labor migrants from post-Soviet countries to come to Vilnius.

Work in Vilnius

And although it is difficult to call Lithuania the most promising and favorable place in Europe for a significant increase in income, working in Vilnius for foreigners in 2024 can serve as a starting point for obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit and further integration into more successful European countries.

Vilnius has many industries, tourism, services and trade. The city is considered to be a major logistical center with many European level transport highways passing through it, so international drivers are very often needed to work in Lithuania.

Labour migration to Vilnius

The population of Vilnius in 2024 is 542 thousand people or about 18% of the total population of Lithuania (2.7 million). More than 20% of the local residents are Russian speaking. Most of them are Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians. More than 120 ethnic groups live in the city, and there is a large concentration of different cultures, nationalities and religions.

Many beautiful architectural constructions, historical monuments, museums, parks, modern recreation areas and other attractions, in addition to migrant workers, attract to Vilnius tourists from all over the world. The annual flow amounts to up to 1.5 million people.

Comfortable climate, an abundance of sports facilities, stores, shopping centers, restaurants, affordable prices for food and real estate create optimal conditions for professional activities and life in Vilnius. By the way, Lithuanians' favorite sport is basketball.

Labour migration to Vilnius

Lithuanian universities offer high quality education, in particular, the Gediminas Technical University and Vilnius University are popular with foreign students. Many foreign entrepreneurs open their own Lithuanian companies, successfully run their business, and some get Lithuanian citizenship and stay in Vilnius forever.

Official work in Vilnius for the citizens of the so-called third countries requires a number of bureaucratic procedures, regardless of the duration of employment. In each case, it is necessary to find an employer, obtain a work permit and open a Lithuanian work visa in advance.

Of course, it takes some time. For example, the processing time for issuing a work permit is up to 2 months, a visa up to 2 weeks, and a residence permit up to 4 months. If you plan to stay in Lithuania for no more than a year for the purpose of employment, it is sufficient to obtain a national visa (without a residence permit). In any case, the main task of an applicant is to find a job in Vilnius.

How to find a job in Vilnius

Unemployment in Vilnius in 2024 is about 10-15%, which corresponds to the national average. The competition for prestigious jobs in the city is very high. Moreover, vacancies in Vilnius are given to foreigners only if there are no applicants among both Lithuanians and Europeans. For this purpose, there is a special test in the local labor market for at least a month. All this makes it much more difficult to find a job in Vilnius.

How to find a job in Vilnius

The Lithuanian employer must be very interested in services of the foreigner, after all to convince local authorities in expediency of employment of such employee rather difficult. Plus the time and material costs associated with the execution of documents. Qualifications, experience and education will be crucial. Many diplomas, such as medical specialties, must be confirmed.

Pay attention to language skills. The widespread use of Russian in Vilnius is decreasing every year. The official language in the country – Lithuanian. English, Polish and German are common. Visit Vilnius as a tourist. Write a well-written resume and cover letter. Write to large employers directly. For example to Air Lituanica, SEB bankas or Maxima Group. Communicate with migrant workers in Vilnius in forums and social networks.

Job search in Vilnius

List of large employers in

Professional social

List of Lithuanian

Popular Vilnius job search sites

If a job in Vilnius without intermediaries proves to be unavailable, try to use the services of an official recruitment agency. The site of the Lithuanian employers' association – – will help you find a company.

Jobs and wages in Vilnius

Jobs and wages in Vilnius

Unfortunately, by the standards of the European Union, Lithuanian workers are paid quite little. The minimum monthly salary in Vilnius since January 1 is 924 euros. This is the national level. It is possible to find a job with a higher income in the Lithuanian capital. Much depends on the profession and the employer. The average salary in Vilnius in 2024 is about 1,300-1,400 euros after tax.

The most affordable jobs in Vilnius in 2024 are related to transportation and construction. Among men, experienced drivers are often needed for international passenger and freight transportation (truckers), a little less often jobs in cab services are offered. Bricklayers, welders, electricians, locksmiths and general laborers are also welcome for construction work in Vilnius. If you are lucky, you can earn from 1000 euros and more.

High salaries in the Lithuanian labor market, especially in the capital, have qualified foreign specialists, as a rule, engineers or programmers. Salaries of 1,500-2,000 euros and higher can be met. Women can work in Vilnius in the field of unskilled labor, for example, nannies, nurses, sales clerks, waitresses and so on. The pay for such work is quite low, up to 400-500 euros per month, and the number of jobs is limited.

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