International rating agencies rightly place the United Arab Emirates among the richest countries in the world. It is the most important economic center in the Middle East and one of the most liberal states in the Persian Gulf. Today the UAE's economy is growing not only thanks to oil and gas. Tourism, finance, construction, telecommunications and many other sectors are actively developing.

Salary in Dubai

According to different estimations, more than 75% of the workforce of the UAE consists of migrant workers, and in the largest city of the country, Dubai, this figure is even more than 80%. Usually qualified foreign specialists find jobs in Dubai in large international companies, and some even open their own business. In almost every case, you can count on a high level of income. About what salaries in Dubai in 2024 we will talk further.

Minimum wage in Dubai

It should be noted at the outset that the official minimum wage in the UAE, and therefore in Dubai, is not set at the state level. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, the salaries of the local labor force is regulated through negotiations between the employer and employee, which is fixed in the employment contract.

This policy allows for a flexible and free labor market, an influx of skilled workers and sustained economic growth. In addition, in recent years the UAE authorities have been introducing new laws and taking concrete steps to provide legal protection for the most vulnerable category of workers – domestic workers.

Overall, an analysis of the labor market shows that the minimum wage in Dubai in 2024 is around AED 600-1,200 ($165-325) per month for unskilled workers and AED 2,100 ($570) for skilled professionals. In practice, such low salaries are quite rare. In most cases, the monthly minimum wage in Dubai starts at 3,000 dirhams ($815).

Average wage in Dubai

The level of average wages in Dubai depends on the worker's nationality, education, qualifications, experience and the specific company. For example, Americans, Canadians and Europeans can expect a higher income than representatives of some Asian or African countries. Many foreigners say that after 1-2 years of employment in the UAE, the employer can increase the salary by 2-2.5 times.

According to the estimates of international think tanks, the average salary in Dubai in 2024 is about 15,000-18,000 dirhams per month, which is equivalent to 4,000-5,000 dollars. That is higher than in some developed countries of Western Europe. Much depends on professionalism and the ability to negotiate. Even for the same positions within the same company, workers can have significantly different incomes.

Next, let's highlight the average salaries in Dubai in 2024 in the context of popular professions.


Profession Dirhams per month Dollars per month
Officials and army 50,000-70,000 13,610-19,055
Software Engineer 15,000-55,000 4,085-14,970
Schoolteacher 24,000- 34,000 6,535-9,255
Chemical Engineer 10,000-27,000 2,720-7,350
Accountant 10,000-26,000 2,720-7,080
Mechanical Engineer 10,000-25,000 2,720-6,805
Electrician 10,000-16,000 2,720-4,355
Nurse 8,000- 15,000 2,180-4,085
Pharmacist 7,000-14,000 1,905-3,810
Plumber 2,000- 5,000 545-1,360
Cashier 3,000-4,000 815-1,090
Carpenter 1,500-4,000 410-1,090
Driver 2,500-3,500 680-955
Maid, babysitter 1,200-3,000 325-815
Laborer 600-1,500 165-410

In conclusion, we note that despite the high salaries, living in Dubai is very expensive. The city has a hot climate, special culture and traditions. The UAE is a Muslim state. The standard work week lasts from Sunday to Thursday. One of the nice things is that there is no income tax.

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