Immigration has existed throughout human history. And people have almost always left their homelands for some reason-economic, environmental, social, political, and others. But if in ancient times nomadic tribes wandered mainly in search of new pastures for their livestock, the development of new places for farming, hunting and fishing, today migration is more massive global in nature and has many reasons. From the banal search for a "better life" to the forced flight from war zones.

Next, let us highlight the main reasons for immigration (emigration) in the modern world.


Reasons for immigration

Military conflicts. This is one of the oldest and most common reasons for immigration. People are forced to leave the country of their birth to feel safe and to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. For example, in some countries in the Middle East, there is warfare and millions of refugees have left for Europe and other parts of the world.

Environment. Climate change as well as various natural disasters – floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and so on - make many people homeless, leave them without a livelihood, and become a reason to move to a new place of residence.

Standard of living. Prosperous and developed countries with a high standard of living, such as Canada, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavian states and many others, attract millions of immigrants from different parts of the world, especially from poor regions. It is not only about money, but also about quality medicine, good ecology, infrastructure, and so on.

Employment and business. Working conditions, business environment, career opportunities, social security and salaries in Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and many other countries are incentives for many labor migrants from less successful regions of the world. People go to other countries to work or do business, and many stay there.

Higher education. A popular reason for immigration among young people is to pursue higher education at the best universities in the world, mostly located in the United States and Great Britain. In addition, free higher education is available to foreigners in many developed countries, such as Germany, France, and Norway.

Family, Love. Family reunification, that is, when one spouse lives in a foreign country and then moves his or her relatives to another country, is a fairly common occurrence and reason for immigration. In addition, young people from different countries get to know each other, meet and often later move in with each other. Sometimes parents make the decision to immigrate because they care about their children's future.

Personal social needs. Some people want to move to avoid past or future persecution based on race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group and some other personal reasons, to more tolerant, democratic countries in which they can live the life they have always wanted.

Political persecution. Many people immigrate to countries with political freedom and developed democracies because they feel pressured or directly persecuted by the authorities in their home country. Get political asylum or refugee status.

Volunteering/Missionary work. There are cases when people leave prosperous countries for poor regions of Africa, Asia, etc. with volunteer purposes. They help people and live in those countries for many years, and sometimes they stay there forever.

Nature, a dream. Very often immigrants, mainly rich people, are attracted by the countries with the best climate in the world such as Greece, Spain, Republic of Cyprus and some other. Foreigners buy real estate there and get a residence permit. Some move to another state and thus realize their dream.

The process of immigration often turns out to be quite difficult, accompanied by stress and a long period of adaptation. Everyone has his own reasons for moving to another country, but absolutely all people want to improve the quality of their own lives. Carefully study the information about the peculiarities of immigration to this or that country/region on this website and make the right decision.

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