Lithuania is a small Baltic state in northeastern Europe with a population of about 2.7 million people. The country has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and joined the euro zone in 2015. Since its secession from the USSR in 1990, the Lithuanian economy has developed quite dynamically thanks to foreign investments and European credits.

The country hosts both industrial enterprises, especially in the field of shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, and agricultural companies. The tourism industry also plays an important role in filling the budget. Work in Lithuania for foreigners in 2024 looks more promising than, say, 15 years ago, shortly after the global financial crisis.

However, it is not easy to find a job in the Lithuanian labor market. Unemployment in Lithuania is – 8–9%, and, first of all, local authorities care about employment of local population.

Work in Lithuania

On the other hand, EU membership paved the way for young Lithuanian specialists to move to more developed European countries, where salaries are much higher. This creates additional vacancies and allows qualified workers from abroad to find jobs in Lithuania. Sometimes special qualifications are not required, experience and professionalism are much more important.

For example, a job as a driver in Lithuania is very popular among foreigners, usually in international transportation. There are vacancies in this area. In the following article, we will look at the mechanism of employment in Lithuania, get acquainted with the available vacancies and the level of pay in 2024, learn how to find a job without intermediaries and apply for a work visa.

How to go to work in Lithuania

EU regulations and Lithuanian domestic laws ensure the priority right to employment primarily to Lithuanian citizens and Europeans. Only if there are no required specialists among these categories, it is possible to hire a foreigner from third countries. For this purpose, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate work permit even before moving to Lithuania.

The main task of an applicant is to find a job and convince the Lithuanian employer of his competitive advantages. Before that, the vacancy must be registered at the local employment exchange and advertised through specialized employment websites and print media publications at least 30 days in advance.

How to go to work in Lithuania

If during this period there are no volunteers for the job, the Lithuanian company has the right to hire a foreign worker from a country outside the EU. The employer must submit the following documents to the employment exchange:

  1. an application for hiring an alien;

  2. copy of foreign passport;

  3. copy of the diploma confirming the qualification;

  4. if the profession is part of so-called regulated professions, such as medicine or education, and requires compulsory higher education, it is necessary to provide proof of recognition of the alien's qualifications in Lithuania;

  5. documentary proof of at least 2 years of work experience in the profession over the last 3 years;

  6. if available: copies of professional development certificates and diplomas of graduation from Lithuanian educational institutions.

In addition, the employer will be required to justify the need to employ a foreigner and provide detailed information about the future working conditions of the foreign specialist. A decision to issue a work permit in Lithuania is made within 60 days.

If the application is approved, a labor contract is submitted to the labor exchange for registration and approval within 2 months at the latest. During this time, the alien must obtain a work visa at the Lithuanian Consulate in his home country and apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment.

As a rule, a work permit is issued for a maximum period of 2 years, with the possibility of extension. In the case of seasonal work, the maximum period cannot exceed 6 months within one year.

In some cases, a work permit in Lithuania is not required. For example, they may be athletes, scientists, teachers at Lithuanian universities, religious leaders, interns, volunteers, and representatives of foreign companies.

Employment in Lithuania. Job search without intermediaries.

Employment in Lithuania

To find a job on your own in Lithuania in 2024, you will need an Internet connection and a fair amount of patience. The Lithuanian labor market offers many ways to find a job.

Popular Lithuanian job search sites


CV Bankas

CV Market

CV-Online LT


International employment sites



Use a professional social network – Linkedin

Lithuanian newspaper

Baltic Times


Verslo žinios

Of course, relatives and friends, who already live and work on the Lithuanian territory, can provide tangible assistance in finding a job. If possible, you can visit Lithuania for tourism purposes and try to find an employer during this time.

The services of intermediary companies should be treated with utmost caution, and only trusted companies should be used. Here is a link to the website of the Lithuanian Employment Association, which provides a list of recruiting agencies in Lithuania. Not a bad option for temporary employment.

Vacancies and wages in Lithuania

In order to successfully find a job in Lithuania it is important to understand the current situation in the labor market and the level of wages you can count on. The minimum wage from January 1, 2024 is 924 euros per month. The average wage in Lithuania is about 2,097.3 euros per month. After deducting taxes, that leaves 1,296.50 euros. This is one of the worst indicators in the EU. Less than that only in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Jobs and wages in Lithuania

When it comes to jobs, it is worth paying attention to scarce occupations in the first place. In 2024, the following vacancies are available for foreigners in Lithuania:

  • engineers;

  • managers (business and sales sector);

  • truck and motorcar drivers (cab drivers, long-haul truck drivers);

  • tailors;

  • cooks;

  • construction workers (bricklayers and welders);

  • agricultural workers;

  • salesmen;

  • couriers;

  • loaders and janitors.

Working as a driver in Lithuania is one of the most popular jobs. If you have driving experience, health and age allow, you can earn good money. From 1,000 Euros per month and higher. Foreign specialists in construction professions are also valued.


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Dear sir
My name is Suresh b.k I am from Nepal kathmandu l need a job for Lithuania how to apply I am 10pass SLC
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I am Bangladeshi 15 experience in middle East country different sector and want a job and sponsor visa in Lithuania
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Dear Sir
I am a Sri Lankan and a printer by profession. About 12 years of working experience in printing sector. Help me get an employer and work permit in Lithuania
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I have completed a Three Years long special support construction electrician supervisor on MH builders and I have also completed Two Years jobs Kals Golden pyramid privet Ltd.
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Chandana Palitha I am a Sri Lankan and a printer by profession with about 12 years of experience. I am looking for another job according to my qualifications
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Am a qualified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and a Zambian female, looking for a job.
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I am a professional Van driver from Uganda. I have 15 years of clean driving. I have store and accounting knowledge.
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I hold a Bachelors Degree in Administration and looking for a job opportunity which i am willing to migrate and work in your beautiful country. I am from Ghana, West Africa but currently in Dubai. THANKS
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looking for a job as a cab driver
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# Onyewuchi Egbuhuzo 2023-06-14 22:39
Dear Sir / Ma,
I am pleased to inform you that am a Nigerian and I am interested and want to work in Lithuania. I am interested and willing to work in construction company as helper, water drilling company because I have experience in water drilling and I can work as agricultural worker. Please contact me for employment as am ready to start immediately.
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# Lydia Mavu Chapfika 2023-06-18 11:42
I am staying in South Africa and I am looking for a tailor position
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# Isaac Olowolagba 2023-06-19 13:11
Isaac Olowolagba. I am keenly interested in working in Lithuania. I am an highly qualified and experienced Warehouse Inventory Auditor for close to 10 yrs.
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# Joyce wanjohi 2023-06-21 15:04
My name is Joyce nyokabi from Kenya a teacher by profession. I have a degree in secondary education geography/cre. Can I get a teaching job
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# Adamson Pilotos 2023-06-28 03:55
Good day to all, Hi my name is Adamson Pilotos I'm a manual Machinist, welder, fabricator and construction builder for quite sometime I also have a knowledge in wood working. I'm hoping to have the opportunity work in your beautiful country.
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# Ahurra Allan 2023-07-02 16:09
Am really honoured to read what you've given us to.Am interested in working in this beautiful country Lithuania if am given a chance.
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# Jimoh Ibrahim Olawal 2023-07-04 08:52
Am interested in working in lithuania,from my research i observed its one of the best country and it helps in developing talents and motivating youth talent and potential,i will be glad if i can get this job opportunity.
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# Asma Sheikh 2023-07-07 18:58
I am an educationist and British Council Training Consultant in Pakistan. I am quite interested to work in Lithuania in the social and educational sectors because I truly believe in community welfare. Lithuania is a country which will open new doors of experience and opportunities for me. I want to work in a stable socio economic society where everyone is acknowledged for his or her contribution for the community development.
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# Paul 2023-07-11 09:46
Hello I hope this finds you in good health. I am Paul Kaweesi a tutor and Marketer by profession very passionate in teaching and also learning day by day both with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master of business administration I would like to join the hardworking workforce in the beautiful country of Lithuania I will be please for my consideration.
Paul Kaweesi
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# Rogers Bro Nsubuga 2023-07-19 13:34
I am a retired prison's social welfare and rehabilitation specialist for 23 yrs in Uganda Prisons Service
Though retired lam strong. I'm seeking for an opportunity to work for Lithuanian Government Prison Service for 2 yrs. I am a man of integrity and committed to helping vulnerable people like inmates be good people. Search for my work on Google: Prisoners experiences in Ugandan Prisons. I have also worked in Darfur as African Union Mission in Sudan Sen. Humanitarian Affairs Officer.
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# Ronald Fontanilla 2023-07-23 15:49
Hi, I'm Mr. Ronald D. Fontanilla I'm looking fora machinist job I'm here at freeport Bahamas Please let me know if there's available job for me thanks.
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# Gideon 2023-07-23 16:15
Am Gideon where i lived in Ghana. i have obtained degree in development planning and am looking forward to work in your peaceful country.i read about the countries culture, laws and the history which will aid me live peacefully in the country.. looking forward to hear from you. Thank you
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# Job searching sir 2023-08-03 12:10
Sir my name is Kiran kumar i have 05 years experience in CT trails and Pathology laboratory so please let me know if any vacancies available here thanks.
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# Oman 2023-08-21 18:27
Dear sir/madam .
My name is Oman Jonathan from Ghana. l am 34 years old. working in Lithuania which is one of the beautiful and peaceful country in Europe is my dream come through, l am an experienced truck driver with a valide drving license and l have been driving for eight years now . please am willing to work in your country. l will be happy if l am accepted. thank you.
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# soetan Emmanuel 2023-08-23 13:57
#job searching
I am a graduate of chemistry and had worked in the quality control department of many industries varying from distillery, detergent, soap,sulphonation, environmental, university teaching laboratory etc as manager, technologist and analyst. Having read about the country i developed interest in working in your country please inform me of any available vacancies. Thanks.
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# PETER KIPRUTO 2023-08-24 09:57
Am peter Kiptui. Am a an experienced construction technologist with higher diploma in construction. Looking for Job opportunities in Lithuania.
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# Nojeem 2023-09-12 22:41
My name is Nojeem, am a competent welder, I have more than 15years experience in welding and Fabrication, I also have experience in Reinforcement work, with full knowledge of Structure drawing. I will be glad if I can employed by you people. Am from NIGERIA
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# Kannan 2023-09-13 16:40
I'm kannan, worked in gulf countries for 15 yrs. I'm well versed in accounts and finance. I worked big companies with 500 plus employees and with a team of 16 accountants. My mobile no. +91 8428326871
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# kennedy mwangi 2023-09-29 02:23
AM Kennedy Mwangi, Kenyan citizen looking for plumber position in Lithuania having experience of 10+,currently working in Iraq under USA army I will be glad for that position
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# Zipporah nzisa 2023-10-05 21:12
Im a kenyan looking for a kitchen assistance job in lithuania.kindly consider me.
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# MOHAMMAD AMIR HOSSAI 2023-11-21 02:23
Dear sir, I have warehouse forklift & heavy and light driving experience in qatar airways doha and Bangladesh INGO, multinational company. Thank you
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# Aziz ur Rehman 2023-11-22 13:04
Dear Hiring Manager:

I am Aziz Ur Rehman and I am interested in your desired position. I am searching for a job globally. I am applying for this position. I utilize my skills and enhance myself.

My resume matches your job position and covers all job requirements. I am sincere about my job responsibilities with honesty, punctuality, hard work, and dedication. I am target oriented self-motivated and a team player.
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# Roshan Tharanga 2023-12-18 17:27
I'm looking for any job Lithuania how to apply.(I'm a Degree Holder)
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# Sheikh fareed 2024-01-28 02:28
Sir I am from Pakistan skild fabricater arc weldar mechanical fitter leath operating 30 year exp
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# Tawanda Kwangware 2024-03-22 10:06
I am a flexo printer and from Zimbabwe but currently in South Africa. 26 years in the printing industry.
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# Dr. Md Shamim Parvez 2024-05-09 07:11
Dear Sir/Ma
This is Dr. Md. Shamim Parvez from Bangladesh. I completed PhD for University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Aquatic Biotechnology. Now I live in Bangladesh. My daughter is going to higher study in Vilnius University. I want to accompany with her. So, I want to work in Lithunian any university like any research organization, or teaching or post doc fellow sector. if is there any opportunities, please knock me by providing a job. thanks
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