The Czech Republic is a prosperous European country with interesting culture, long history and traditions, and the capital of the state Prague is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Since 2004, the Czech Republic has been part of the European Union and local entrepreneurs have been actively doing business with neighboring countries, which contributes to job creation and economic growth in general.

Life in the Czech Republic attracts quite a large number of immigrants from the post-Soviet space. And more than 400 thousand foreigners live in this country, which is about 4% of the population. Large industrial economy allows a wide range of foreign specialists to find jobs in Prague and other Czech cities. Let's find out what professions are in demand in the Czech Republic in 2024.

the Czech Republic

Labour market in the Czech Republic

In order to go to work in the Czech Republic, applicants from third countries need to find a job in advance, contact the employer and sign a contract, apply for a work permit and open a work visa, and after moving to the Czech Republic to obtain a Czech residence permit (work/blue card). In most cases, local residents, EU, EEA and Swiss citizens should not apply for a job.

Neighborhoods with countries such as Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria allow quite effectively conduct international business in the Czech Republic and invest in the local economy. The inflation rate in the country is low and unemployment does not exceed 3%. Most jobs are registered in management (office work), metallurgy, mechanical engineering, trade, science and engineering. Many people work as drivers/vehicle operators.

According to the official data of the Czech Statistical Office, the minimum wage in the country from January 1, 2024 is 18,900 Czech koruna per month (745 euros). The average salary in the Czech Republic is 46,013 koruna per month before taxes, which is equivalent to 1,820 euros. In terms of professions, company executives, financial managers, lawyers, programmers and doctors earn the most.

The most demanded professions in the Czech Republic

Local experts assure that in the next five years there will be a demand for highly qualified specialists in the Czech Republic, and it will be much harder for workers with low qualifications to find work. Already today the country has a shortage of technical personnel, in particular, engineers, builders and programmers are needed. In addition, medical professionals are among the popular professions in the Czech Republic.


1 Business Consultant
2 Driver
3 Doctor
4 Engineer
5 Logiste
6 Nurse
7 Manager / trade representative
8 Metallurgist
9 Programmer (different directions)
10 Disassembler (installer, welder, electrician)
11 Medical orderly
12 Specialist in the automotive industry
13 Builder
14 Financier
15 Chemist

Note. Information is based on data from Czech and international recruitment agencies.

In conclusion, it should be noted that sometimes the Czech Republic also requires unskilled labor – nannies, nurses, maids, cooks, movers, sellers, bartenders and so on. For example, some job seekers find jobs in the tourism industry. To successfully find a job, in addition to the demanded profession, it is desirable to know several foreign languages. And not only Czech, but also English, German and French.


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My name Ziarat Gul from Pakistan but currently I'm working in United Arab Emirates from past 15 years with different fields like Construction,Logistics, Agricultur, Warehouse,livestock and Environment sectors,I need this job. If u have any job about my application and resume
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My name is Susan and am a Uganda national but currently living in South Africa , I have never been employed before but self employed. Eg once had my own super market, Pre School that all failed during covid19 and currently am ubur driver, so I could say I can over see a business or female driver job , super market or a good baby seater since I have patience with kids as I have worked with kids and mothering 4 of my own single handedly.and am 34 years old might not be good in writing as u can see but definitely fluent in Spokane .
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